Home Stretch 2017: Affirmations – The Hand that Fits into the Visualizations Glove



Affirmations and visualization are a perfect fit; you can’t have one without the other.

When you visualize a goal–whether you journal about it or make a vision board or any of the many other ways to visualize–you’ll find that power statements and affirmations naturally come to mind.

It’s the same with affirmations. When you repeat them, they conjure an image in your mind–a visualization.

Yesterday, we took the time to look at some of the goals we started out to accomplish in January and we narrowed them down to one or two items that we’d really, really, really like to accomplish by the end of the year.

As part of this project, we found an image that encapsulated our ultimate goal as well as finding images for some of the steps along the way–especially the baby steps that are right in front of us at this time.

Today, let’s take these images and make affirmations from them. Refer back to last week’s posts when we chatted about making effective affirmations for ourselves. We said that they should be:

~Stated in a way that elicits strong emotions and feelings within us–preferably positive feelings and emotions but sometimes negative affirmations used correctly can be very powerful;

~Believable–they can stretch us but not so much that we’re intimidated and overwhelmed before we even start. We have to be relatively sure that we have a shot at accomplishing the subject of our affirmation;

~They can be stated in first person (I statements), but we also learned that stating them in second person (you statements) or third person (she/he statements) is very effective, too;

~Get physical when you say your affirmations–feel free to jump around, pump your fist, clap your hands…


The important thing with affirmations is that you believe the truth of them so deeply that you feel it in your bones.

This can’t be just a mental exercise or something you memorize or something you parrot back. It must be something you feel and believe to be true on a visceral, physical, level.

Repeat after me: Yes I Can!!

Let me know how these work out for you. I’ll be glad to help you tweak your affirmations so they become super-charged for you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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