Happy Halloween! Leaving: It Doesn’t Have to be Permanent



Happy Halloween!

When I think of this day, I vividly recall the excitement as Mom would take me and my siblings to the store to purchase costumes.  Sometimes, we’d cobble together our own unique costumes from parts of others we’d worn in previous years.  I can remember being a skeleton, a clown, a pirate, and a hobo.

Once I had a home and children of my own, I looked forward to helping the kids with their costumes:  a Panda bear, a cat from space, a fairy princess, and the all-time family favorite of a Math Wizard.   I also enjoyed seeing the neighbor kids in their costumes–so creative and inventive!

These days I’m more of an observer as my kids have their own lives now there aren’t many kids in the neighborhood anymore.  Just because I’m not a child and my kids are grown, this doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy the holiday.

I can enjoy my memories, I can enjoy the decorations that people have up, I can enjoy overhearing kids in the grocery store as I’m shopping as they excitedly talk to their moms about the candy they’ll get and their costumes and who they’re going to walk around their neighborhood with.

And I can enjoy the happy surprises that come along.  On my way home I drive by an elementary school and last week the school’s parking lot was packed.  Parents were holding their kids’ hands as they walked to their cars; the kids were all in costume!  I found myself smiling as I remembered my own excitement when I was a child and taking part in my school’s Halloween Parade each year.  My kids’ school did the same thing.  And it was such fun to see the kids now still enjoying this same event!

This got me to thinking….

Although we leave things behind, we move on, and we let go of things in our past, that doesn’t mean that we can’t we visit them in our memories and still enjoy them. It can be great fun to make these trips down Memory Lane and visit the happy times, the pleasant events, and the people who cared for us.

What are your Halloween memories?  Feel free to share.  Thanks!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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