Inner Guidance: A Technique to Separate Your Inner Guidance from the Noise


As we talked about yesterday, giving yourself the daily gift of quiet solitude is one of the most effective ways to hear and connect with our Inner Guidance. Maybe you’re like me, though, and find that when I’m sitting in silence, it’s amazing how noisy it is! All the chatter, all the angsting…. Oy!

I came across a technique that is simple yet packs a powerful punch: naming and personifying the chatter in your head.

For instance, when you take a moment for silence and turning within, you notice your thoughts are those of worry: worry about the project at work, worry about paying the bills, worry about your kids, worry about the challenges your spouse is dealing with….

Or perhaps you find a very judgmental voice: she’s not nearly as smart as I am; his kids are far less talented than mine; she thinks she’s ‘all that’; he struts around like he’s so cool….

Maybe your thoughts are bullying. For instance: you should have known better, who do you think you are, you aren’t very talented, you’re getting way too big for your britches….

Your thoughts might be infused with sadness, such as: nothing ever works out for me, no one knows I even exist; I don’t matter….

Give names to the different groups of thoughts you have.

For instance, your thoughts of worry can be called Warren the Worrier, your judgmental thoughts can be Judy the Judge, Billy the Bully can be the thoughts that beat up on you, and Sadness Agnes can the thoughts that bring you down and make you feel hopeless and helpless.

Give personalities to them.

Perhaps Warren the Worrier is constantly wringing his hands and speaks in whiny voice. Judge Judy can be huffy and uptight, where as Billy the Bully might have mean little eyes and a grimace on his face. Sadness Agnes might have lank hair, be dressed in dull browns, and mope about all day.

When you have named and personified the chatter in your mind, it’s easier for you to choose whether to listen to the chatter or to move it to the side. When you move it all to the side, then it’s MUCH easier to hear your Inner Guidance.

Remember to name and personify your Inner Guidance as well. Then, you’ll be able to quickly and easily tune into it.

What are a few of the names and personalities you’ve given to your inner chatter? Julia Cameron in her book The Artist’s Way, named her inner critic Nigel. She pictured him as a fussy, up-tight man who speaks with a British accent!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,

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