Inner Guidance: Can it be Trusted or is it Mumbo Jumbo? & Artisan Workshop Designs


The other day, I was talking to a friend of mine about Inner Guidance. He asked, “Can it be trusted or is it all mumbo-jumbo and woo-woo?”

I gave him the technique I shared with you yesterday of naming and personifying the different thought groups that are the chatter in his mind.   I explained that this technique will help him discern the voice of his Inner Guidance from all the other “stuff” going on in his brain.

Then I asked him if he’d ever said the following phrases:

~Against my better judgment…

~I knew in my bones…

~My gut was telling me…

~I knew I should/shouldn’t have…


I told him that this was his Inner Guidance speaking to him.

He said: “But at the time I had no proof that it was right.”

“EXACTLY!” I said, “Which is why it can be scary and difficult to pay attention to it.”

Oftentimes, our Inner Guidance seems to be off-base and that if we listen to it we’ll go in a totally wacky direction. I’ve found in my own life, and have observed in others’ lives, that even though it may not make sense,

if we keep getting the same poke or prod to do a certain thing, then we should listen and follow through on it.

Steven Jobs in his now famous commencement speech at Stanford University, he talks about this very thing. He followed his Inner Guidance and even though he did things that didn’t seem to have rhyme or reason (taking a calligraphy class), they turned out to be a significant building block in a future endeavor (the calligraphy class showed him the importance of font styles and, thus, all the choices we now have with our computers).

Again I urge you to follow through on the pact you made with yourself at the beginning of the week that you’ll take at least 5 minutes each day for quiet solitude. In this gift to yourself, just be and listen. That’s it, just be and listen.

Oh, and follow through on the prods!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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