Inner Guidance: Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You!


The other day, we talked about naming the chatter in your head—all that stuff that interferes with you hearing and paying attention to your Inner Guidance.

Here are two practices that when done in combination, can help you tell the difference between your Inner Guidance and the chatter.


First Method:

Take the time today to name and personify your Inner Guidance.  Perhaps use a character in a beloved book or movie that embodies your Inner Guidance.  Or it might be an actual person.

For instance, Mr. Rogers is kind, inclusive, and has a deep loving wisdom.  Perhaps holding an image of him in your mind can help you get to know your Inner Guidance.

Perhaps Mother Teresa can represent your Inner Guidance.  While she was filled with love for all and was gentle and caring to those who were desperate for her loving kindness, she also didn’t suffer fools lightly.  She could be a fierce advocate for the oppressed and marginalized.

It’s okay if you find that the image of your Inner Guidance changes.  You’re changing and you may find that the image or personality of your Inner Guidance changes.  Also, it’s fine to have different images for your Inner Guidance for your different moods.


Second Method:

Tune into your Inner Guidance and be mindful of your body.  When you do this, where in your body to you “hear” or feel your Inner Guidance?  Some people have a feeling in their gut, their stomach or solar plexus region.  Others feel/hear their Inner Guidance in their chest area.  Some feel it in their throats, and still others feel/hear their Inner Guidance in their head.

It’s fine to hear/feel your Inner Guidance in different areas of your body.  Your Inner Guidance will nudge you wherever it thinks it has the greatest chance of getting you to listen and follow through!  Usually I hear/feel my Inner Guidance in my chest area but there have been times when I’ve felt it in my upper arm near my shoulder as if my Inner Guidance is asking me to look that way, turn that way.  !!!


Combining these two methods will definitely help you get to know your Inner Guidance.  Do these today and every day!

Feel free to share who personifies your Inner Guidance and where you feel/hear it in your body.  Thanks!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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