Inner Guidance: Unrelenting


Another way to discern our Inner Guidance from the other chatter in our brains is that our true Inner Guidance won’t quit; we’ll keep getting the same prod.  The “voice” of our Inner Guidance might be quiet, barely a whisper, but it’ll be gently relentless.

The other thing about our Inner Guidance is that the way it’s showing us is full of possibility and gives us feelings of hope.  We also feel a little surge of energy and rightness.

The chatter, on the other hand, bounces around among thoughts, exhausting and confusing us.  To top it off, the chatter doesn’t make us feel very good about ourselves or about our prospects.

During your quiet time when you’re tuning in and listening, know that this is the truth about your Inner Guidance.

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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