Inner Guidance: How to Strengthen Your Connection With It

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It’s great to sit in silence with your Inner Guidance, and even have a conversation with it.  It’s also a good thing to take it out into the “real world” and strengthen your “real world” connection with it.

The “real world” can be a very noisy frenetic place with lots of people, traffic, shoulds, and constantly being told “you ought to”.  If the chatter in our own minds doesn’t drown out the voice/feeling of our Inner Guidance, all the hubbub and guilt of the world will surely do it.

When you’re in the middle of a contentious meeting at work and everyone is pointing their finger at everyone else…when you’re in the middle of the grocery store and your kids are crying because you wouldn’t buy them the sugary smacky-pops cereal they saw on TV…when you hope for a quiet weekend to relax and recharge but your in-laws decide to surprise you with a visit, bringing along with their non-housebroken puppy with the delicate stomach….  It’s a little difficult–not to mention impractical–to find a quiet corner and sit in silence.

It’s important to learn how to hear your Inner Guidance in the midst of the frenzy of everyday life.

Here are a few suggestions:


~When you’re out and about and having a good time, pause and tune in.  What’s your Inner Guidance saying?  Where do you feel it in your body?  Do you “see”/feel/hear a person or character associated with it?

~When you’re at work and everything is going reasonably well–at least there aren’t any disasters that have people running around in a panic–tune in.  What do you hear/see/feel?  Where in your body do you have a corresponding sensation?

~When you’re at the grocery store, instead of being a robot and methodically going down your list of items, pause a moment and tune in.  Stand in the produce section, for instance, and feel/hear/see which fresh fruits and vegetables your Inner Guidance is leading you to (of course stand in a place that doesn’t obstruct other shoppers!).


As you do this in the various moments of your day, you’ll gradually become more in tune with your Inner Guidance.  It’ll become second nature to listen in–in fact, you’ll know it so well that you’ll automatically follow its lead!

Give it a try and let me know how it’s working out for you.  Thanks!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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