Thanksgiving: Sometimes it’s Hard to Say Thank You


Perhaps this year—or maybe the past several years—have been very difficult.  Maybe you feel you’re taking steps backward, even though you’re doing everything you can to push forward.  You might even look ahead at your life and it doesn’t look too good—not too promising or hopeful.

At these times, It’s really tough to be thankful and grateful because what have you got to be thankful for?  It seems that so much has been taken away from you.  You’ve heard the saying that there’s always something to be grateful for but that sounds like so much baloney right now.

But it’s precisely the act of thankful for what you DO have that will change the tide in your life.

When Dr. Joe Vitale tells his story of overcoming homelessness and poverty, he tells of a moment of intense clarity that he had.  He was sitting in the public library studying, trying to improve himself and get out of his current circumstances.  He was using a pencil and paper to take notes and suddenly he noticed the pencil—how wonderful and powerful this simple instrument was.

He thought about the people throughout the ages whose best thinking and efforts went into creating the pencil.  With the pencil, people have been able to converse with others through letters; scientists and others have been able to invent machines and products and services that have helped humankind; people’s creativity has been unleashed through the humble pencil.  Suddenly he was overwhelmed with intense gratitude for the humble pencil.

He credits this moment of profound clarity and his deep gratitude as being a turning point in his life.  He acknowledges that gratitude and thanksgiving are the foundation of his success and achievement.


Some of my “humble pencils” are:

Regardless of the challenges, difficulties, and heartbreaks I’ve experienced, I’m still here;

I can press the reset button by spending a little time with Mother Nature, whether it’s being outside or gazing out my window;

I’m good at helping people who are discouraged, lost, unsure, etc..


What “humble pencil” do you have in your life for which you can feel gratitude and thanksgiving?


Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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