Top Post #13: Love the One You’re With


A healthy self-love is vitally important to crafting the soul-prospering life of which you dream.

A healthy self-love gives you the confidence to go after your soul-prospering life.

It helps you work through the rough patches, especially when those rough patches seem to go on without an end in sight. Also, the healthier love and respect you have for yourself, the more love and respect you have for others–the more you can reach out, inspire, and help others.

The post below was originally published on Valentine’s Day 2017.

Let me know what you think of it. Thanks!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,







Back in the ’70s there was a popular song that was sung by Steven Stills of Crosby Stills & Nash called Love the One Youre With. 


People come and go in your life and you don’t always have control over that.  But you always have you.  You’re the one who will be there all the time, no matter what.


 I heartily encourage you to love the one youre with, the one youre with every day, all day and all night.  Thats YOU!


If you don’t already, learn to appreciate yourself.   Instead of focusing on the things that you perceive as not right about yourself, focus on the things you like and appreciate about yourself.  I’m sure you can come up with a list—which is what I encourage you to make for yourself.

Here are a few suggestions to jump-start you—remember that nothing is too small or too insignificant to include:

You make your bed every morning

You have a nice smile

Your laugh is infectious

You have a good sense of humor

You give good hugs

You’re good at math

You’re good at grammar

You’re a good speller

Your hair is thick and lustrous

Your hair is smooth and satiny

You like to sing

You see the beauty around you

You’re a good cook

You’re creative

You’re inventive

You’re resourceful


Keep going with your list!  Keep it handy and refer to it OFTEN!

Keep reminding yourself why you are soooo lucky to be you!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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