Pep Talk: You Can Do It Motivation from TD Jakes Part 5 – The Breaking Point


Can you master the breaking point? This, more than anything else, determines your success. And mastering the breaking point is 100% under your control because it’s all about your attitude, your thoughts, and mastering your mind. ~TD Jakes


Wow. Talk about being floored when I read this quote.   It’s so true!

It’s easy to be positive and to keep going when everything is smooth and clear and all things are going our way.

The tale is told when the going is so tough we think we can’t go on…when we’re sure in the very next moment, we will die.

It’s at this very moment–at the breaking point–that our future is determined.

If we dig in, refuse to quit, then we go in the direction of achieving our soul-prospering life.

If we quit, give up, then we go in the direction of something perhaps sorta kinda maybe like our soul-prospering life…but not really.

What breaking points have you mastered? How did you do it? Please share with us!


Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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