Pep Talk: You Can Do It Motivation from TD Jakes Part 6 – Inspiring Quotes



My original intention for this week’s posts was to share inspirational and motivational videos of a variety of speakers. This one video, though, of TD Jakes has struck a chord with me. I hope it has helped you as well.

Here are a few of his quotes that have stayed with me. Enjoy!

You ask the Universe to help you when you aren’t willing to help yourself. You want the Universe to help you pass the test when you aren’t learning, studying, preparing, and following through.   ~TD Jakes


If you’re a weak person, you quit because things didn’t go the way you imagined it. Ask yourself: do you have Something To Say, Something To Do, or not? ~TD Jakes


Can you master the breaking point? This, more than anything else, determines your success. And mastering the breaking point is 100% under your control because it’s all about your attitude, your thoughts, and mastering your mind. ~TD Jakes


What do you BELIEVE about yourself? Not what you think about yourself or hope about yourself or wish about yourself.   What do you BELIEVE is true about yourself? ~TD Jakes


If you run after your destiny you will automatically distance yourself from your history. If you run toward what’s in front of you, you’ll escape your history. Don'[t spend all your time trying to fix what’s behind you because you’ll never be able to fix what’s behind you, You have to RUN after what’s out in front of you! ~TD Jakes


Which of these quotes do you find most inspiring? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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