Pep Talk: Routines are Your Friend!



That word has a dull sound to it and it conjures images of mindless drudgery.  Believe it or not, routines can also be freeing.  They can help you take the guess work out of crafting your soul-prospering life.

A few benefits of routines:

~Keep you on track with what’s important to you;

~Help you get the most important things done each day–the things that will have the greatest impact on crafting your soul-prospering life;

~Free up mind-space for thinking about and working on the most important tasks–you won’t have to waste brain power in remembering to take out the garbage or put gas in the car, etc.;

~Making sure you accomplish essential self-care tasks such as exercising, nutrition, rejuvenating, and getting the rest that you need;

~Help you overcome fear and discouragement by helping you take the next little baby step.


Routines don’t have to be dull and full of mind-numbing and soul-crushing tasks.  Routines, used properly, can be the structure that enables you to craft your soul-prospering life.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk a look at Ben Frankin’s routine.   Stay tuned!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,




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