Happy New Year 2018: How to Keep the Momentum Going



It’s only the third day of the New Year. We’re still excited about our goals and resolutions, although we may have found that we were a little too ambitious about the things we thought we could fit into our schedules and do each day.

But that’s okay! We’re okay! Everything’s okay!

And we haven’t lost hope!


Though, we can feel within ourselves those first few wispy threads of panic: Will this year truly be different? Do we really have what it takes to make the changes and do the things that will help us craft a soul-prospering life?

The answer is YES! You CAN make this year truly different and you DO have what it takes to craft your soul-prospering life!

The key is to come up with a compelling “Why?!” Why do you want this year to be different? Why do you want to craft a soul-prospering life?

Dig into yourself for these answers. Don’t be satisfied with the first ones that pop into your mind such as: I’m tired of my life the way it has been or I’m fed up with settling for crumbs.

These are good reasons, however, they aren’t specific enough. They aren’t deep enough. When you run into rough patches that will threaten to crush your soul (and you will have these types of challenges, guaranteed), you’ll need to have a deep, compelling reason why you are putting in all the time, all the effort, and making all the sacrifices in order to craft a soul-prospering life.

We’ve talked about Scarlet O’Hara’s (Gone with the Wind) compelling ‘why’: “…I’ll never be hungry again…!”  To her this is an intensely meaningful and deeply potent motivator. I’m sure that, like me, you can imagine her using this gripping ‘why’ to blast through heartbreaking and soul-crushing obstacles and setbacks.

Your ‘why’ doesn’t have to be powerful or meaningful to anyone else but YOU because ONLY YOU need to use it to help you keep taking baby steps toward your soul-prospering life.

Take time today to think about and craft a deeply personal and evocative “why?!” for yourself. When you’re feeling a little tired or discouraged, or when you’re faced with a thorny challenge–and you will–you’ll be so glad you have this ‘why’ to power you through.

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2018: How to Keep the Momentum Going”

  1. I agree that focusing on the why, and putting aside the how for the time being, is extremely helpful. The hows will emerge after the whys have gathered enough momentum to pull us forward.


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