Crafting a Soul-Prospering Life: What a Soul-Prospering Life Looks Like


Most people have the wrong idea about what a soul-prospering life is. People think it’s a life of riches, fame, and world-shaking achievement.

Not entirely true!

Thank goodness because if being rich or famous or doing history-altering things were the requirements for crafting a soul-prospering life, then we’d all be in trouble. Most of our lives seem quite ordinary and common when viewed from the outside looking in.

While it’s true that some people’s soul-prospering lives are flashy and filled with wealth, most soul-prospering lives are humble by comparison. But they are just as meaningful, satisfying, and fulfilling, and have just as profound of an impact as the splashier lives.

What do I mean by this?

A friend of mine is a librarian and an avid knitter. I’ve spoken about her in several other post and she’s an excellent example of living a soul-prospering life, in spite of her living a seemingly ordinary and common life.

At the library, she likes meeting patrons and helping them select books. She loves working with the Programs Director in setting up workshops and lectures. She enjoys her work as a librarian and it shows in the excellent quality of her work.

She’s also an avid knitter and also loves crocheting and weaving. She’s deeply interested in patterns–creating her own as well as working with those that others have created. She’s always on the lookout for new techniques, different types of yarn and fibers, and learning the latest in dyeing techniques.

My friend is a founding member of a charitable organization that makes prayer shawls for the local churches and their ministries as well as providing handcrafted caps, sweaters, and mittens for the preemies in the neonatal unit at the local hospital.

I once asked her whether or not she was living a soul-prospering life. She had to think about it. She was so engrossed in doing and giving and living that it’d never crossed her mind to wonder if her life was soul-prospering.

Her first answer was that she wasn’t rich or famous or making headlines so she supposed she wasn’t living a soul-prospering life. When we discussed the definition– doing something that is deeply meaningful to you and that you feel that your contribution matters– she realize that yes, her life was soul-prospering.

The things she was doing helped make the world a better place. These activities are organic to who she is as a person so they are totally authentic to her. Even though she has difficulties and setbacks, she is contented and satisfied. She has a peace of mind that pervades her life–in spite of challenges and obstacles.

Whether or not we can answer ‘yes’ to the question of “are you living a soul-prospering life”, we all have parts of our lives that are congruent with our hearts and souls. Take time today to identify these areas of your life. Find the thread that connects them or the thing that they all have in common. This is important work so take your time in thinking this through.

You can do it!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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