What Do I Want? My Idea of Success




When we think of success, oftentimes we think of riches, material possessions, and some level of recognition and achievement. As I walk my path in life, I am less and less concerned with how our culture defines success and whether or not I impress others. More and more I find myself deeply passionate about crafting a soul-prospering life and helping others to do the same.

Here’s a poem I came across that , to me, nicely sums up true success:

What Is Success? by Edgar A. Guest

Success is being friendly when another needs a friend;
It’s in the cheery words you speak, and in the coins you lend;
Success is not alone in skill and deeds of daring great;
It’s in the roses that you plant beside your garden gate.

Success is in the way you walk the paths of life each day;
It’s in the little things you do and in the things you say;
Success is in the glad hello you give your fellow man;
It’s in the laughter of your home and all the joys you plan.

Success is not in getting rich or rising high to fame;
It’s not alone in winning goals which all men hope to claim;
It’s in the man (or woman) you are each day, through happiness or care;
It’s in the cheery words you speak and in the smile you wear.

Success is being big of heart and clean and broad of mind;
It’s being faithful to your friends, and to the stranger, kind;
It’s in the children whom you love, and all they learn from you
Success depends on character and everything you do.



Does this describe a successful, soul-prospering life to you, too?

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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