What I Do: It All Starts with Your Thoughts



What you do–your actions, your behaviors, and your habits–have their roots in your thoughts.   No matter what you say you’ll do, if your thoughts don’t support what you say, then you won’t do the thing you said you’d do.

For instance, if you say you’re taking responsibility for your life and the way you’ve decided to do this is by starting your own business–even if you have a great idea and also have the talent and skill to pull it off, and even if you have support from friends and family and others–if you think it’s too hard or if you think you don’t deserve it, or if there is some other negative thinking going on in your mind, then you won’t fully commit to taking the necessary actions.   You won’t create the business–or it won’t be as successful as it could be. You’ll be shirking your responsibilities to yourself as well as you’ll be going back on your word to yourself.

Not getting our thinking aligned right is the fundamental cause of why we don’t do what we know in our heart and soul that we should do in order to craft a soul-prospering life for ourselves.

This week, as we’re discussing what we do–our actions–let’s pay close attention to our thoughts and be truthful and honest with ourselves about what we’re really thinking.

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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