What I Do: Be Your Own Hero




Yesterday we talked about a few different scenarios we may find ourselves in at one time or another.   We decided it’s very important to learn how to be our own cheerleaders!

Here’s another scenario–have you ever experienced this one?

You’ve been working very hard on a project. You’ve forged your way through the rough patches, spurred yourself on when your enthusiasm was flagging, and kept taking the next step even though your doubts and fears were telling you to pack it in and give up. Finally, you succeed!

Yippee! You reward yourself for a job well done and celebrate with your friends and family.

But then, life quickly goes back to normal…and you’re left feeling deflated–and maybe even feeling silly–because you’re still basking in the glow of your achievement but no one else is. You start playing head games with yourself thinking that ridiculous by expecting–and wanting–to have the glow of success last longer.


This is when you need to be your own hero.


It’s healthy to congratulate yourself on a job well done; to compliment yourself on how you muscled through the really tough parts; to delight in your own ingenuity and creativity and admit that you surprised yourself with it.

It’s perfectly fine to have some fun with your accolades and narrate them in the manner of a sportscaster’s in-the-moment exuberant description of the underdog team’s winning touchdown or grand slam homer!

Let yourself fully feel your heightened self-esteem and self-reliance. Let these feelings of delight permeate every fiber of your being.   This is what you’ll draw on when you need a boost.

You ARE your own hero!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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