Why Do It: For Whom?



It isn’t always the easiest thing to start crafting a soul-prospering life for yourself. As you know, well-meaning friends and family can be quite discouraging when you share your dreams with them–even though they’re trying to be helpful and supportive! It’s because of this that you need to have a very clear vision of who will benefit from you achieving a soul-prospering life. Of course you are doing it for yourself, and you’re doing it through enjoying your gifts and talents to the fullest.

There’s also a part of it that’s much bigger than yourself–it isn’t about you at all.   It’ doesn’t have to be something huge and impressive such as solving world hunger or wiping out every single dread disease. More often it’s something small, like my friend the knitter who leads the group at her church that makes prayer shawls for parishioners and for anyone else who asks.   She’s compelled to do it because it matters to her–it’s important to her that she do this.

How about you? Who else will benefit from and by you crafting and living your soul-prospering life?

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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