Trust: How to Trust Your Vision


After reading yesterday’s post, what if you realize you don’t really trust your Vision? What if it feels too big for you to handle?   Perhaps you think that it’s some sort of Cosmic Joke that you have this Vision.

Is there anything you can do about this?

Yes! Absolutely!

Think back over the times in your life when you “just knew” something–a gut instinct, your intuition–and you flowed it and it turned out to be true. Remember how it felt–what did the “voice” “sound” like? Where in your body did you “hear” it?

What did it feel like–a tingling, a buzzing? Where did you feel it–in your chest, your stomach area, or somewhere else?

Is there an aroma or a taste or a touch sensation to go with it?

Is there an emotional feeling as well for instance if you’re fretting about something and suddenly you feel tired and you’re too exhausted to worry anymore…perhaps that’s your intuition or your gut telling you to stop agonizing because everything is okay and will work out just fine.

Also take note of the thoughts you’re thinking. Whose voice are they in? Don’t be surprised if they’re in the tone of a teacher or coach who was always so judgmental of you.

Write down the thoughts then put your Investigator’s Hat again and ask yourself if the thoughts are based on facts or not. If you find they’re based on what someone has told you, was that person speaking from a position of fact based upon proven expertise or was it based upon their opinions or feelings or the bad mood they happened to be in that day?

Pick apart your habitual thoughts about your trust in your Vision so that you can remake them into thoughts that support, encourage, and help you achieve your Vision and craft your soul-prospering life!

You can do it!

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Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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