Trust: How to Trust Yourself


What if you discover you don’t really trust yourself, at least not when it comes to crafting your soul-prospering life. What do you do then?

No worries!

Just like many other skills and habits, you can learn to trust yourself.

It’s all about what you do, your follow-through.

For instance, if you’re self-trust is shaky because you aren’t sure you have what it takes–after all, your Vision is BIG (this is a very good thing, and it’s also a very good thing if your Vision is “small”; size does NOT matter in this case!). The solution is to break the steps you need to take into small bits and pieces then make a plan for regularly and consistently working on them.

Also, remember to reach out for help when you need it. That help can take the form of mentors, coaches, teachers, trusted friends and loved ones; it can be taking classes, attending workshops, and carving out regular time for practicing and refining your new skills.

What if you find you’re having trouble taking the first step, no matter how small it is? You make plans and promises, lay out schedules and deadlines, and may have a reward set up for the little successes along the way.   But yet, you don’t begin or you make a weak start and then either give up or become distracted with the this’s and that’s of Life.

Your self-trust is shaky because you break your promises to yourself. You can’t trust yourself to do what you say you’ll do and to see it through to the finish.

No worries–you aren’t doomed to a life of disappointment and of ‘less than’.

It’s all about smallness, slowness, and steadiness.

Learn to trust yourself by starting with something small, such as making your bed every morning or putting your dirty clothes into the hamper each day rather than strewing them across your bedroom. Choose ONE THING. And when deciding how and when you’ll do it, KEEP IT SIMPLE!!

The best reward you can give yourself is being mindful as you’re doing that task and feeling the pleasure and satisfaction of doing it, even if you aren’t doing it well or perfectly, just the fact that you’re doing it is justification enough to feel the pleasure and satisfaction.

Then, when the small simple task is complete, take a moment to feel the pleasure and satisfaction of having followed through to completion. Forget about the judgment of whether or not the result was done to perfection, because the whole point is that you chose a task and you completed it.

Following through on small simple tasks and enjoying the pleasure and satisfaction that you feel are the building blocks of strong self-trust.

Keep taking these steps and you’ll find your confidence and self-trust increasing and you can then take on a little larger project.

Small, slow, and steady wins every single time!


You CAN do this, I KNOW you can!

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Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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