New Beginnings: Toss, Discard, and Throw Out


When you review these first few months of 2018, you may find that instead of tweaking your schedule or your intentions for 2018, you may need to totally rethink and revamp them.

You may find yourself totally tossing out some of your intentions. This is okay!

In fact, I recommend that you look at your intentions with an eye to which ones or what pieces of them can you throw out. Perhaps some of the intentions are ones that you took on because a loved one thought you’d be good at “it”. Maybe you put too many intentions on your list and you need to pare down. You may find that while you have the right amount of intentions, there are only one or two that are totally captivating you.

In each of these cases, it’s absolutely okay to “lighten the load” and focus on only the intentions that interest and intrigue you, that you find engrossing; ones that make your heart and soul sing.

It’s all about living with your soul wide open.

Go for it!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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