New Beginnings: Sage Advice from Yesteryear


If, in crafting your soul-prospering life, you’ve lost your way or if you’ve lost your hope, you can always begin again. You begin again not by going back to the past, but rather by starting right here and right now and taking the next small step.

Sometimes you may find yourself caught up in the trap of thinking “woulda, shoulda, coulda”, which is thinking that there is some way we can go back to the past and do it over, this time with a better outcome. This seems especially attractive if you’ve gotten yourself into a bit of a mess. But this thinking about somehow changing the past is a waste of time. The past can’t be changed. The only way you can have a different outcome is by boldly and bravely facing forward and doing the best you can in each moment.

It’s true that facing forward might not be easy or fun but if you take little actions each day you will work yourself out of the jam you’re in to something better that awaits you.

I happened to find an old TV program on YouTube that illustrates this perfectly. Here’s the link:



I thought the program did a good job of showing that the past is over and done with and if we could and would go back, we would be in a loop of our past behaviors. Our only hope is to move forward

What did you think of the program? Feel free to share your thoughts below. Thanks!

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