Thinks to Think About This Week: The 5th Tiny Baby Step: Celebrate!

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Yesterday I shared with you the 4 steps I take when I’m in the throes of anxiety and it’s compatriots.   Today we’ll talk about the 5th, perhaps most important, step: Celebrating yourself.

When using the tips mentioned in yesterday’s post, give yourself credit for every little bit you do.   Acknowledge it; own it. What you do doesn’t have to be perfect, especially when you’re working through difficult feelings. Pat yourself on the back for the small actions that you’re taking.

Reward yourself.   More importantly, feel the warm glow you get inside when you acknowledge yourself for trying, and for doing, the best you can. It’s really important to focus on what it feels like to feel good about yourself. This is how you build self-respect and self-appreciation.   These glowing feelings go a long way toward healing that part of you that gets anxious or fearful or that feels worthless from time-to-time.

What do you do to appreciate yourself and the efforts you’re making (no matter how small and how imperfect)? I like to read a book of fiction.  🙂

You’re awesome!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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