Morning Routines: 4 Building Blocks

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Living your soul-prospering life is determined by your daily routines.


We all have routines. They are useful in helping us streamline mundane tasks so that we can focus on important projects.  Without even thinking about it, we humans create routines for everything from how we comb our hair in the morning, to where we sit in the cafeteria every day at lunch, to the route we take to and from work every day.

Out of all the routines we have in our day, which one is the most important?

Research has shown that your morning routine is the most important one.


How do you get up every morning?

Exhausted, even after 8 – 10 hours of sleep?

Stomach knotted from worry and stress?

Being done with the day even before it’s begun?


Is this how successful people start their days?  I did some research and I found that successful people do NOT start their days like this.

By “successful people”, I mean those living soul-prospering lives, lives that they absolutely love. They may not have huge bank accounts or be famous, or receive awards and accolades, but they are living the life they know they were born to live.

How do successful people wake up in the morning–what do they do?

My research showed that although each person had things they did that were particular to them and their life, there were 4 building blocks that each had in common. This was true throughout the millennia from the Ancient Greeks through modern times.

Silence / Meditate / Pray

They each took time–10 – 20 minutes first thing in the morning–to connect with either the Divine or the core at their center that’s peaceful and calm, no matter what’s going on around them.

Take time to study in THEIR particular area of interest.

This may or may not coincide with how they earn their living. They may be a successful nuclear physicist by day but they may be captivated by cooking or woodworking or being a better parent or spouse.

Making progress on a goal that matters to THEM.

It’s unrelated to what their boss, spouse, kids, parents, society thinks is important. It’s what’s meaningful to THEM. They decide what one or two things they’ll do that day on that meaningful goal and they mark when in the day they’ll do that one or two things.

Their body: Exercise and nutrition

Simple exercise–turning on music and moving to it or some other enjoyable activity that gets you up and going.

Food that replenishes them from the overnight and fuels them for the morning. REAL food packed with vitamins and minerals. Again, simple foods such as a fruit smoothie or a vegetable salad.


Building a morning routine with these 4 steps that are backed by research as well as withstood the test of time,

Your morning routine equals your soul-prospering life.

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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