Morning Routines: Building Block #1


Yesterday we talked about the 4 Building Blocks of a solid morning routine. Let’s talk a little more about Building Block #1: Silence / Meditate / Pray.

This is about being still, becoming aware of the Something that’s more than ourselves. Some people call this connecting with Divine or Source, and they may also call it prayer.

Others call this centering with the peaceful and calm core within themselves. They may call it meditating or contemplating.

There are a variety of techniques to use:   being still and listening within, taking a gentle walk in nature, reading and thinking about sacred texts, slow exercise such as yoga or tai chi….

The whole point of Building Block #1 is to link with the part of ourselves that’s eternal–the part that is one with the Greater Whole. Through this we know we are protected and guided, and we know we can draw on this or lean on this throughout our day.

What’s your favorite way of getting in tune with Source, whether It’s within or outside of you? My favorite way is to sit quietly and listen to the sounds of Nature and let them lead me to the Greater Whole both within me and that which surrounds me.

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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