Wisdom from the Farm: Gifts of Nature

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It’s that time of year again: the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farms are open for the season. Yippee!

Today I was at the farm picking strawberries. As I was doing this, my thoughts drifted here and there.

At one point, I found myself back in the small strawberry patch my mother had at the side of our house. I remember early in the morning going out and helping her water and weed the patch, spread cheesecloth over the plants so the birds wouldn’t get at the berries, and I remember sneaking a strawberry or two as I worked alongside her!

My family and I couldn’t wait for dinner to be over because we knew we’d have strawberry shortcake made with fresh, ripe, sweet strawberries from our very own strawberry patch!

As I was enjoying this memory, I found myself relaxing and noticing nature’s beauty around me:   bees going from blossom to blossom; birds singing in the nearby trees, and nature’s abundance–plenty of delicious berries for people and plenty for animals and insects. I noticed, too, that my pace slowed and I felt joy bubbling up inside.

As we start the week, let’s promise ourselves to connect with nature each day and absorb the gifts it has for us. We can do this by taking a moment to look out the window and notice the trees and flowers, the squirrels scampering in the trees, and birds soaring in the sky.   Allow the scene that you see infuse you with peace and calm.

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


One thought on “Wisdom from the Farm: Gifts of Nature”

  1. Strawberries, picked fresh from my aunt and uncle’s Glastonbury farm when we were kids, Mom’s homemade shortcake biscuits…thanks for bringing up June strawberry memories for me!


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