Kindness: Putting Your Best Foot Forward


Throw kindness around like confetti. ~Molly B. Kansas

The world is a crazy place, seemingly more so now than ever before. Not only is there strife and unrest everywhere we look, but bad behavior seems to be at an all-time high. We’re left feeling overwhelmed and helpless and, sometimes, hopeless. We think there isn’t anything we can do.

I came across today’s quote on a Dove chocolate bar wrapper: Throw kindness around like confetti. ~Molly B. Kansas

I like this quote very much because it’s easy and fun to throw confetti and it’s easy and fun to throw kindness around.

Even if you have a bully boss who trashes the office environment with their abuse, you can be kind and respectful to your coworkers. Even if you have been on the phone waiting on hold for over 45 minutes, instead of being sarcastic and cutting to the person at the call center, you can sympathize with them that some days it’s a tough to keep up at work.

You can remember that everyone has struggles and worries, even those that seem to have it made. You aren’t helping them by being grumpy, cranky, mean, uncaring, and not giving them a break. You’ve been in the same boat and you’ve appreciated a smile, a kind word, or someone giving you the benefit of the doubt. Throw that kindness around, just like handfuls of confetti!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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