You’re Fine Just the Way You Are



I’m a week late in honoring Mr. Roger’s birthday—he would have been 91 on the 20th of March. He is best known for his gentle ways and his homespun wisdom. Sometimes now, and especially when he was alive, he is/was ridiculed for this. My thought is that some people make fun of his loving goodwill not because they think it’s stupid but rather because they’re desperate for that gracious acceptance and are terrified that it’s a sham, like so much else in this world.

I assure you that loving kindness is alive and well in this world. There are many people who are welcoming, friendly, and reaching out a hand to others. They are right in your community. In fact, you may be sitting next to them in school or at work. Like Mr. Rogers, they, too, like you just the way you are. You can be yourself, and that’s enough!

I like you just the way you are!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,

Lauren (and Mr. Rogers!)


2 thoughts on “You’re Fine Just the Way You Are”

  1. Though I’ve “known” him for years, Mr Rogers has become one of my new favorite people. His simple wisdom applies to people of all ages. One message that I especially like goes something like: it doesn’t matter what you have in this world, it matters what you do with what you have. It’s fine to know the alphabet, but it’s what you do with it – spelling words like friend and love – that matters 🙂


    1. Thank you< Julie, for your observations. It's so easy to get caught up in the agitation and rush of the world. People like Mr. Rogers remind us about the truly important things in life and their example helps us hold steady on our course. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and the words of Mr. Rogers that have impacted you.
      Your Friend and Pep Pal, Lauren.


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