Something Better is Up Ahead in 2021! 30 Days of Letting Go: Day 2

Today I decided to let go of the Prodding Voice in my mind that tells me to be productive and keep going, even though I may be tired and could use a rest.  Instead of listening to it, I sat in front of my woodstove and gazed at the flames.  I’ve always enjoyed watching fire in the fireplace—or in this case my woodstove,  It’s very relaxing, even mesmerizing.  I found myself getting drowsy and I chose to take a short nap!

It felt good—both the nap and giving the heave-ho to the Prodding Voice.


What did you let go of today?  Please share in the comments.  Thank you!

If you know of someone who might benefit from these posts, please feel free to share them. Thank you.

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


One thought on “Something Better is Up Ahead in 2021! 30 Days of Letting Go: Day 2”

  1. There were a couple of things I should have let go of… Trying to unearth some files on my computer for my grandchildren, only finding some, trying to load too many into dropbox, failing that and transferring them one by one. The feeling was of pushing to get something done that wasn’t ready to get done.
    Well, also making a little headway on letting go of some feelings of envy toward a friend who is a shining light and has had a recent success.
    Finally, relaxing into the evening and watching the new Disney movie Soul…


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