Something Better is Up Ahead in 2021! 30 Days of Letting Go: Day 3

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Today I let go of another pair of socks–one of them had a hole in the heel.  I was disappointed because these socks were a year old—and I wore them only one winter!  ☹

Yesterday when I spoke of the Prodding Voice, it brings to mind a bigger idea, which is letting go of outmoded and unhelpful thoughts.  All of our actions and perceptions grow out of our thoughts so it is very, very important to let go of the ones that hold us back. 

My experience has been that it’s extremely hard to permanently change habitual thoughts.  They tend to fly under the radar so most of the time they slip by any attempts to grab them.   I’ve found, though, that mindfully letting go of items helps shine a light on the underlying thoughts, which usually are the ones that are counterproductive to crafting a soul-prospering life.

For instance, the socks I threw away this morning.  I could hear the little voice in my head saying that the socks are only a year old and that surely I could repair them. The voice reminded me that back in the day in the evenings women would do their daily darning—repairing socks, shirts, and anything else that needed it. 

My lifestyle is not one that is conducive to me sitting in my rocking chair beside the fire in my woodstove and sewing up holes in socks.  Even though my mother taught me how to sew well, it isn’t something I do for fun or relaxation.  To me, holding onto the sock with the thought that I would repair it at some point would be harmful.  It would create guilt—I know for sure I would procrastinate.  Also, hanging onto the damaged sock would feed a lack and limitation mentality. 

So, tossing the socks this morning not only made more space in my sock drawer, but it chipped away at the guilt monster and took a whack at my lack and limitation thoughts.

Letting go is powerful stuff!

How’s it going for you?  What did you let go of today?  Please share in the comments.  Thank you!

If you know of someone who might benefit from these posts, please feel free to share them.  Thank you.

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


PS:  I’m still doing my 3 Daily Gratitudes (last month’s 30 day challenge), are you?  If 3 is too much, then do just one.   Here are my 3 Daily Gratitudes for today:

  • grateful for the beautiful winter wonderland that I woke to this morning;
  • grateful for the pictures I took of it that I and my loved ones and friends can enjoy for days and years to come;
  • grateful for a ripe avocado that I had for lunch.  I made guacamole using a delicious recipe that a dear friend shared with me.

Feel free to share your gratitudes in the comments below.  Thank you!

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