Something Better is Up Ahead in 2021! 30 Days of Letting Go: Day 10

How to tell if you need to let something go: If you’re stressing over it, if you’re constantly thinking about it, you need to let it go.

It occurred to me recently that if I’m fretting about something and I’m thinking about it often, then that’s telling me that I don’t have enough information to make a decision.  And, because I can’t make a decision, then I can’t move on—I’m stuck!

But if I let it go, then I can move on to another project.  Just because I let go now doesn’t mean I let go forever.  And letting go doesn’t mean I don’t care about it.

All letting go means in this case is “not yet.” 

The door is open for later on when I have more information, more experience, have met others with knowledge and expertise who will help me.

I hope by sharing this realization that it helps you, too.  Let me know what you think!  Feel free to share in the comments below.  Thank you

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