Something Better is Up Ahead in 2021! 30 Days of Letting Go: Day 15

Let go of making a Big Production out of projects or tasks!

Sometimes I find myself procrastinating on beginning projects or following through to the finish on those projects.  I realize that in my thoughts I’ve made a Big Production out of it—usually because I have set a high standard for how I want the project to look at the end.

It’s time to let go of this Big Production thinking.

Big Production thinking doesn’t help me begin projects and it doesn’t help me finish these projects.  For instance, I don’t have to move the furniture every time I vacuum and I certainly don’t have to use a toothbrush on the grout of the shower stall every time I clean the bathroom!

To get over this Big Production thinking, I pause for a moment to give myself a chance to press the reset button on my thinking.  Then I lob myself a metaphorical softball by choosing something simple I can do on that project—something quick and easy.

Have you found that sometimes you make a Big Production out of tasks and projects?  If so, what techniques do you use to get you going on them?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.  Thank you!

Also, please share these posts with your friends and loved ones.  Thank you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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