3 Steps to Begin Again

Has this every happened to you:

You’re excited about a goal.  You start off with lots of energy and enthusiasm.  Things are going great!  But then, you hit a rough patch going toward your goal and you become stuck, or it’s taking longer than you thought and it’s harder than you expected so you lose hope, or life just gets in the way.

The next thing you know, weeks have gone by—perhaps even months—and you haven’t done anything toward achieving your goal.

It’s embarrassing, discouraging, and perhaps you feel some shame.

It’s happened to me more times than I care to admit.  In fact, it happened to me just this month. 

You probably noticed that I posted on this blog on May 1st.  I had every intention of posting once per week.  Almost immediately, though, my personal life went sideways.  Now three weeks later, I’m finally posting again.


Here are three steps that have helped me get back to my goals and I hope they can help you, too:


Step #1: 

Remind yourself what you’ll feel like once your goal is achieved—really get into the feelings and let your imagination go. 

For instance, you’ll feel really good about yourself;

you’ll be happier and this will make you a better partner, colleague, and friend;

you’ll be more likely to go for other goals and dreams—bigger ones and make even more of an impact.


Step #2: 

When doing Tip #1, write down the feelings and images that really inspire and excite you. 

Put them on sticky notes around your house, in your car, and other spaces where you’ll see them often. 

Make them into a background for your phone and computer. 

Set them as reminders on your phone so they’ll pop up throughout your day.


Step #3: 

Take the next step RIGHT NOW!  Choose an easy thing you can do RIGHT NOW that will move you forward toward your goal.  What baby step can you take? 

Perhaps it’s continuing to journal about what makes you so excited and enthusiastic about your goal, thus building your motivation to go for it. 

Perhaps it’s preparing tonight for your day ahead tomorrow thus increasing the likelihood you’ll be on top of your game rather than behind the 8-ball. 

Maybe it’s a quick email to your accountability partners.

Keep it simple.  Keep it easy.  Keep it fun. 

If you do this, you will find that in no time at all you’ll be steaming ahead toward your goal!

All the while, keep saying to yourself “Yes I can!  Yes I can!”

You got this!  I believe in you!

You’re Friend and Pep Pal,



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