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Bull’s Eye!

Today is the first full day of spring (first full day of autumn for our friends in the southern hemisphere).  There’s no better way to celebrate the change of season than to review the week.

You can’t hit something that you aren’t aiming at!

Everyone aims at things—targets, they’re usually called.  When we think of targets, we think of bulls’ eyes and those silhouettes of people-targets at gun ranges.  But, consider this:  every time you start out to do something, you have a target—a goal—in mind.

For instance, suppose you’re planning stop at the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner.  That’s a goal, a target.  Eventually, you pull into your favorite store’s parking lot because that was your target, your goal.  You didn’t wind up at a different grocery store or at the playground or some other place because you weren’t aiming at them—they weren’t your goal.  Your aim was to get to your favorite grocery store.  And you achieved it.  The proof that you were successful was that you served a delicious dinner to your family!

How did you know you were on track and that you would reach the store?  In reality, this process is automatic so you didn’t notice that your mind was busy steering the car, regulating the speed, stopping at traffic signals; your eyes were looking for the familiar landmarks along the way telling you where to turn and how much farther you had to go.  And, perhaps your eyes were noticing differences in the route and sending signals to your brain to recalibrate the way.

And, sure enough, soon you pull into the parking lot!

Same with our dreams.  We need markers along the way to let us know we’re making progress.  And, we need to be aware of them so we can make sure we’re going in the right direction and we can acknowledge our achievements .

Copyright VNS Images
Copyright VNS Images

Your homework today is to review what you did this week toward achieving your goals and dreams.  What needs tweaking?  What steps need to be broken down smaller?  What abilities need strengthening and polishing?  What skills do you need to acquire?

The second part of your homework is to celebrate your achievements!  What went right?  What did you do well?  What are you particularly proud of?  What would you like to do again and again?  What new thing did you discover about yourself?  What happy surprises and serendipitous events did you experience this week?

You done good, Kid!  I knew you could do it!!

Post in the comments section about what you’re doing to celebrate yourself this week—we want to celebrate with you!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend,


Of Course Not!

Sometimes we don’t move forward because we don’t know—we don’t have the answers for things that might happen down the road.  We think we must have all our ducks in a row—we must have all the solutions before we start, right?

Of course not!

Of course you don’t have all the answers you’ll need on the pathway to your goals and dreams.  Of course you won’t know everything about everything.

How could you possibly?

You don’t have the answers and your ducks are in a crooked row because you don’t have enough information.  And you can’t get the information until you take the next step!

The good news is that you don’t need to know everything right now!  That’s the beauty of taking it one step at a time, moving forward bit-by-bit:  you have time to look around and notice things.  With each step, each bit of forward movement, you have a slightly different perspective.  You’ll discover new things that you weren’t able to perceive before or, perhaps, notice a different aspect of something familiar that you thought you knew well.  This will give you additional information that helps you take the next step.  And when you take that next step, another new thing or new aspect is revealed giving even more information.  As you repeat this process, eventually you will have all the answers you need in order to successfully travel the pathway to your goals and dreams.

You won’t find the solutions or the answers until you take the next step, then the one after that, and the one after that….

So the next time the voice inside your head—or a well-meaning friend or family member—asks you if you know all the answers, you can say “Of course not!” then merrily go on your way taking the next step!

Your homework is to take the next step knowing that it will give you information that you need right now.  Break the step into as small of a piece as you need—one that is comfortable and doable for you. Move forward!

You can do it, I’m sure of it!

Post in the comments section the new things you’re finding as you take the next step, whether it’s a brand new discovery or just a little different shading of something you thought you already knew.

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend,


Inspect What You Expect

“Inspect what you expect.”  ~Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill was the author of Think and Grow Rich, one of the most important books in the Success and Achievement industry.  Hill spent twenty years researching why some people were successful and others weren’t—was it a matter of luck or were there particular skills and habits that controlled whether or not a person achieved his or her dreams?  He discovered that people can learn to be successful; success is like any other skill that, through applied study and practice, people can become good at it.

One of the habits Napoleon Hill discovered that all successful people had in common was that they regularly evaluated where they stood along the path to their dreams.  They assessed the things they were doing well and noted what needed improvement.  Hill found that successful people patted themselves on their backs for their successes and the progress they were making, and he found they also came up with a systematic course of action designed to strengthen their weaknesses.

It’s been a week since our last review session.  We have an opportunity to take a page out of every successful person’s book and reflect on how far we’ve come.

Your homework today is to carve out some quiet, alone-time for this review—time and space for thinking and contemplating.  Note your successes and the progress you made this week.  It doesn’t matter if you have “only” small successes and “only” microscopic progress.  The point is you’re moving in the right direction!  Congratulate yourself for this.  It’s awesome!

Observe areas that need strengthening.  Make a few notes about what can be done to improve.  Break the ideas into small steps and even smaller pieces that you can easily do.

Next, look at the upcoming week.  What steps will you commit to accomplishing?  When will you do them—do you have to shift things around; can you delegate some tasks; can you ask for help on other tasks to make them go quicker?  Do you need to break the steps into smaller pieces that fit easier into your schedule?

Make sure you honor your successes and progress!  Post in the comments below what you’re doing to celebrate.

You’re making fantastic progress!  I’m so proud of you!

You’re Friend,


PS  For extra credit go to your local library and borrow a copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

You Just Never Know

Copyright LMC Images
Copyright LMC Images

“No one knows enough to be a pessimist” ~Earl Nightingale

This quote reminds us that no one has a crystal ball and no one can clearly and with certainty look into the future and know with 100% accurately what will happen.  No matter what anyone says, no one can tell the future.  This means that you can’t discount your dream until you see it through—investigate it completely and follow where it leads.  This also means that you really can’t let anyone else’s opinion of your idea stop you from pursuing it.

Even if they’re experts.

But you do know, even if you don’t have tangible proof.  You know it “in your bones”.

YOU are the one who hears the Still Small Voice inside of you.  YOU are the one who has the special vision that your dream gives to you.  Because of this, you see connections, possibilities, and opportunities that no one else can sense.  YOU are the one who has the special gifts, talents, and abilities that are needed to achieve your dream—it’s all part of the package that comes with it  (you wouldn’t have had the dream if you didn’t already possess the raw ingredients needed that enable you to achieve it).

There are many unknown factors involved in new undertakings that aren’t detected or anticipated before starting.  It isn’t until steps are taken that they’re revealed.  Naturally some of these factors create challenges that need to be solved but, oftentimes, other factors turn out to be catalysts that spur the project onward in ways that seem miraculous.

But no one really knows this until the first step is taken, and then the next, and then the one after that….

You MUST follow where your interest, enthusiasm, and gut instincts are leading you.  You must investigate, follow through.  You just don’t know—no one knows—if something will work or not until you roll up your sleeves, jump in there, and dig into it.

So don’t join the ranks of the pessimists and think that you can’t achieve your dream simply because there’s no proof that you can do it.  Get busy instead!  Become so engrossed in moving toward your goals and dreams that you no longer hear the naysayers.  Keep moving forward and eventually everyone else will see what you knew all along:  you CAN–and you did– achieve your dream!

Your homework today is to roll up your sleeves and get busy!  Take the next step—break it into microscopic pieces if that’s what it takes to make progress.  It doesn’t matter if the step is large or small; the important thing is to move forward.  So get going!!

You can do this, I know you can!  I believe in you!

Post in the comments section below links to articles on the Internet about inventions that are now part of the fabric of our everyday life but were, at first, laughed at by experts.  Here’s a link to get you started: The Experts Laughed

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend,


Happy Birthday Earl Nightingale!

Today, Earl Nightingale (known as the Dean of Personal Development) would have turned 93.  This blog post is in tribute to him and the powerful influence he had on my life.

Earl Nightingale is my hero.  I “met” him in the early 1980’s during a difficult time in my life.  I was lost, confused, frightened, and felt isolated and alone.  I “met” Earl through an audio program that I’d borrowed from my local library (it was a collection of his well-known works).  The moment I turned it on, his gravel-y voice calmly delivering his wise message instantly soothed me.  It felt like he was tossing me a lifeline.  It seemed that he was taking me by the hand and gently pointing out the way, all the while letting me know that everything was okay, this situation was no big deal, and I would be just fine.

As I studied his messages and did my best to implement them, gradually I felt surer of myself and my place in this world.  Even though he’s been gone from this earthly plane for 25 years, he’s still inspiring me and, now, I hope you, too.


One of the outstanding character traits of Earl Nightingale was his curiosity.  His fascination with the world around him and his passion for passing along his discoveries was legendary.  He has inspired—and still is inspiring—many thousands of people to become better versions of themselves.

Sometimes it’s hard to be excited about our goals and dreams and to have confidence that we’ll achieve them.  We all know we must have at least a little bit of belief in our abilities and capabilities and a tiny modicum of enthusiasm for our goals and dreams, but we just can’t seem to muster any of it—not even the tiniest bit.  Perhaps it’s because we’re anxious or afraid, or possibly we’re confused and lost, or maybe we’re discouraged.  Whatever it is, the result is the same:  we aren’t moving forward and there seems to be no hope of forward movement in the near future.

If this is ringing true for you, it’s counter-productive and silly for me to tell you to:  Pep up! Get excited! Go team, go!  Rah, rah, rah!  Instead, I encourage you to emulate Earl Nightingale and look at your situation with curiosity.

Curiosity is neutral.  It’s a state of no expectations and it’s an openness to any experience and any outcome.

Approach your situation as if you’re a scientist intent upon observing why a certain thing behaves the way it does.  Or, perhaps have the attitude that you’re an explorer whose task is to report all that you’re experiencing to the people back home.  Or maybe you can approach your situation as an athlete learning a new technique, observing and noting how it feels and how best to assimilate it into your training routine.

In all of these scenarios you’re keenly aware of what you’re seeing, hearing, and sensing, and making note of it all.  Some aspect of what you’re observing may particularly intrigue you.  As you delve into it, you’re led to the next step, and the next….  Soon you’ll discover that you’re full of energy and enthusiasm for your goals and dreams.

Copyright VNS Images
Copyright VNS Images

Your homework today is to have the attitude of curiosity.  Look objectively at the pathway to your goals and be curious about it.  Ask yourself the questions of who, what, when, where, why, and how.  Investigate the answers and then ask the questions again.  Keep asking and keep following where the answers lead you.  You may find yourself going in a whole new direction, one you’ve never considered before.  And it just might be the direction that leads you to the breakthrough that will make all the difference.

Post in the comments section below how curiosity—switching into neutral—has helped you move forward.

You are absolutely AWESOME for forging ahead—because curiosity is a valuable and essential technique to help you move forward!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend,