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Goals: What’s the Point?


It’s hard to admit to yourself, much less others, that you have big aspirations for yourself. It’s hard to think of them as more than pipe dreams and fanciful wishes. It’s hard to get up the nerve to go for it.

That’s where having goals comes in, especially when you break them into steps and even smaller, more manageable bits.

Even though it can be intimidating and overwhelming to sit down to set them, it’s also freeing and empowering.

By setting goals, you are:

~giving yourself the chance to be successful;

~honoring yourself and your dreams

~giving yourself permission to go for it;

~taking the first steps toward building a life that’s meaningful to you;

~living your life in a way that has a positive impact on others;

~creating something that has the potential to change the world, or at least your corner of it.

Your homework today is to continue thinking about your dreams and the steps you think you’ll need to take in order to get there. Have fun with this part. Brainstorm with yourself and think of your dreams from different angles—turn them upside down and/or inside out. You may discover something very interesting!

You can do this!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



Goals: Why Bother?


Perhaps in the past you’ve had a bad experience with setting goals and going for some of your dreams. Without realizing it, this may have caused you to shy away from thinking too big or reaching too high. “Why bother?” you think.

But yet, inside, there’s a longing—a nudge that won’t stop and a whisper that won’t be silenced.

Doing nothing won’t get you to where you want to go—won’t satisfy the nudge or the whisper. Think about it, has it worked so far? If it hasn’t worked in the past, I can guarantee you it won’t work in the future—why would it? What’s going to happen in the future that’s different, thus enabling you to satisfy the nudge and the whisper?

The only thing that could possibly be different in the future, that has a chance of quenching the longing, is to set goals that will take you to your dreams—or at least point you in the right direction, and to take action regularly on those goals. That means you must choose to take action, which means you must decide to do something about that longing.

Your homework today is to still stay in the dreaming phase of your goal setting. Ask and answer this question: what are YOUR dreams? Make sure they are what YOU want to do, not what someone else wants you to do or expects you to do. Tune into the longing inside you. By doing this you’ll be able to distinguish your own dreams from the one’s you’ve taken on in an effort to please others.

Listen carefully to the longing. What’s it saying? Tune into the whispering; what’s it telling you? Where does the nudge want you to go? What does it want you to do?

Also, what are you feeling? Have the longings, whisperings, and nudges turned you in a different direction?  Are they showing you a long lost dream—or perhaps it’s something brand new?

Take the time to think, to contemplate, and to let yourself dream about what you really want in life.

You can do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Goals: Why?


Setting goals can be frustrating and annoying as well as overwhelming and discouraging. In spite of this, though, it’s a good idea to do this.

The benefits of goal setting are:

~Goal setting helps you take control of your life;

~It clarifies your ideas and gives you a road map that points the way to your dreams;

~Setting goals helps you identify your priorities and focus on the things that are important to YOU;

~Goal setting gives you something to use to measure your progress and helps you to hold yourself accountable;

~Setting goals is motivating and, as you check things off your To Do list, you’ll find that your self-confidence, enthusiasm, and life satisfaction will skyrocket.

Your homework today is to continue reviewing your goals for 2014, choosing one that you can complete by December 31st, and to keep thinking about your goals for 2015.

You can do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,




You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream

~C.S. Lewis


Welcome to December, the last month of 2014 and the final 31 days to make significant progress on your goals for this year. During this month, as we’re finishing our goals for 2014, we’ll also be planning our goals for 2015.

Your homework today is to review your goals for 2014 and to identify the one goal that you’d like to complete before the end of the year. Break it into steps and break those into small pieces. Keep breaking them down into smaller and smaller increments until you come to bits that you know are easy to do. Then do them!

The second part of your homework is to think about your goals for 2015. Instead of automatically rolling over the uncompleted ones from 2014 into2015, take the time to think about your goals. Are they truly ones that you are passionate about or are you pursuing them because you think you should or ought to?

Take the time to think through your goals!

You can do it!

I’m proud of you for the progress you’ve made so far this year and for your excitement for 2015!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,