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Another Thought About When Bad Days Strike

In yesterday’s post, we talked about things you can say to yourself when you’re in the midst of a bad day (click here to be taken to that post).

Today I want to talk about another thing to say.

When my daughter was young, it seemed as if the world was a very dangerous place. There were wars and conflicts and “police actions” everywhere, it seemed. Taxes were high, prices were going up, and it looked as if new diseases were popping up daily.

I remember walking out to the mailbox one day and I was uptight and on edge because of worries about the state of the world and feeling anxious and inadequate protecting my daughter from all the “bad stuff” that was out there.

Standing in front of the mailbox. I had a moment of astounding clarity. In that moment, I realized I was okay. My daughter was okay–better than okay, actually! My family was okay, too.

That day happened to be a beautiful spring day and I remember feeling the warmth of the sun on my shoulders and hearing the birds chirping. It occurred to me that if the world was that terrible of a place, the flowers wouldn’t be blooming, and the air wouldn’t be springtime-fresh.

In that moment, I knew all was well.,_1894_-_Mother_with_Child.jpg,_1894_-_Mother_with_Child.jpg

Over the years I’ve returned to the saying “all is well” over and over again because it’s usually true. From one moment to the next, all really is well–even in spite of issues that I may have to deal with. Any perceived unpleasantness is usually in the future, not in the moment. And if it is unpleasant in that particular moment, it does not last forever and very soon, I can go back to saying in each moment that all is well.

Action Plan: along with the other mirror work you’re doing that was mentioned in yesterday’s post (click here to be taken to that post), add in the statement “All is well.”

During your day, remind yourself of this fact–especially when you find your thoughts veering off the road into the ditch of negative thinking. Pull them back by reminding yourself that right now, right here, in this moment, all is well.

Let me know how saying “All is well” works for you in the comment section below. If you’ve come up with tweaks that make it work better for you, feel free to share those in the comments below as well. Thanks for sharing!

You’re awesome!

I’m proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



What I’ve Learned: Outside of The Comfort Zone


Today I’m exhausted and I couldn’t figure out why. I’ve been making sure to eat nutritious food, I’m incorporating more movement and short exercise sessions throughout the day, I’ve been getting enough sleep….


Although I’ve been drinking water throughout each day, I suppose I could bump up the amount—not sure I’m getting the full 8 glasses in! Even so, this shouldn’t account for why I’m so tired.

I decided to sit quietly and ask myself what’s going on, why so tired? After a few moments, I had the thought: the comfort zone.

It occurred to me that lately I’ve been working outside of my comfort zone. I think this tiredness is my emotional self’s way of telling me that it needs time to assimilate and get used to the newness. I think it’s telling me to ease up a bit.

So, here is what I’m going to do today to honor the request of easing up a bit (and what I’ve done so far):

~I’m going to brew a pot of Constant Comment tea (Bigelow brand) and have cups of hot tea, with lemon, throughout the day. I can remember winter evenings as a child when Mom was cooking dinner and Dad was on his way home from work…. Mom would always brew a pot of Constant Comment tea for her and Dad. We kids were young and usually drank milk at dinner. It was a treat when Mom would pour a little bit of tea into our milk.


Maybe instead of lemon, I’ll add milk to my tea for a full “throwback” experience.

I am specifically choosing the tea because it is a throwback experience. The tea invokes a vivid memory of when Mom and Dad were young and strong so I was safe and secure in the world. Connecting with this memory will help me bring those feelings of safety and security into my day today. What sorts of things do you do to comfort yourself?

~As I got ready this morning, I took a few moments to do some mirror work. I smiled at myself in the mirror and said to my emotional self: All is well. We’re doing this together. We’re taking it one step at a time and, in plenty of time, we’ll easily see when there are any upcoming bumps in the road. When we see them, we’ll put our heads together and we’ll come up with a plan—we’re smart gals! And, if we need to, we’ll get help. The ladies at the library are fantastic at helping us find resources. And, recently we’ve met a lot of nice business people who have great information they’re freely sharing. We know we can also search the Internet for resources and information. We’ll figure it out—we have before and we’ll do it again! All is well!

I feel better after I give myself a pep talk! What uplifting statements do you say to yourself?

~My playlist! Today I know I need an extra dose of positivity and uplifting, and listening to good stuff is another way I give myself the boost I need. Today I’ll be listening to Ella Fitzgerald. I love her smooth, mellow voice. I’ll listen to the “Pure Ella” album (the 1954 version) that’s my favorite (right now, at least!). I’ll also listen to different songs that are on YouTube: Peggy Lee’s “It’s a Good Day”, The Planetshakers “Nothing is Impossible”, American Authors “Go Big or Go Home”, American Authors “The Best Day of My Life” American Authors “Pride”, Katy Perry’s “Roar”, Handel’s Messiah….

Yes, I know, a very eclectic mix! All of it is music that makes me feel that everything is okay; it’s all working out; all is well.

What’s your playlist?

Writing this post and telling you about the things I’m doing today has given me a boost! Now I can get busy and have a productive day! I hope you can have one, too!

Your homework today is to jot down the things you can do to give yourself a boost when you’re feeling tired, unsure, or anxious. Feel free to use some of the things I’ve shared here.

This is important homework to do because when you’re in the grip of fear and doubt, it’s easy to say that you’ll give yourself a break and back off for today. So often, though, “today” turns into tomorrow and then the next tomorrow…. Before you know it, you turn around and find that for the past week—or more!—you’ve drifted and lost your momentum. When you first notice anxiety or some other emotion creeping in, with your list handy, it’ll be easier for you to hold steady and keep on course.

Make your list! Keep it handy!

You can do it, I’m sure of it!

I’m proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Review Your Week: Happy Send a Smile Day!


Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. ~Leo Buscaglia


One aspect of living the life of your dreams is joy and a manifestations of joy is smiling.

Your homework today is to be extravagantly, wastefully, generous in giving your smiles away.  Your smile is awesome and you never know who it will help, even if fleetingly, and how that help will boomerang back to you.

Remember to smile at yourself, too!  Stand straight and tall in front of your mirror and smile at yourself.  And, don’t give it a lick and a promise!  Take the time to really look at yourself, the way your smile causes your eyes to sparkle and creates a pleasant glow about you.  Relish the positive and joyous feelings that smiling at yourself gives you.

Copyright 2015 Artisans Workshop Designs
Copyright 2015 Artisans Workshop Designs

Give yourself something to smile about such as when reviewing your week, smile and whoop and dance with joy at all the progress you’ve made, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant.  It all adds up so it all counts!!


And celebrate with your friends and family by having a Send a Smile fest!  Make a game of it by seeing who can smile the biggest, who can smile the wackiest, who has the cutest smile, and any other categories you can think of.

Have FUN!

You can do it, I know you can!

You’re AWESOME and I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Pep Rally! Pep Words to Energize You This Week


A note of thanks:  This is my 600th post and I am so grateful and happy that you’re here to share this moment with me.  I appreciate you being a part of this journey with me.  Thank you very much!

During the day we sometimes need a boost and oftentimes just the right word will do the trick—will help us find that little bit of calm or the extra reserve of strength that we need to make it through to the next moment.

Here are some that I use:

I am a

victor, conqueror, overcomer, vanquisher;

I am a

hero, winner, champion, VIP;

I am

intelligent, smart, astute, brilliant;

I am

resourceful, creative, enterprising, inventive;

I am

strong, mighty, empowered, capable and competent;

I am

gifted, talented, fully equipped, ingenious;

I am

brave, bold, spirited, spunky;

I am

steadfast, persistent, resolute, determined;

I am

vigorous, energized, rarin’-to-go, dynamic;

I have

vim, vitality, zest, snap crackle and pop!

I have what it takes;

I have it going on;

I am an up-and-comer;

I can and I will do this!

Your homework today is to choose pep words that really get you going.  Keep them in mind and say them to yourself all day long.  Let their power infuse you and slingshot you toward your dreams.

For an added kick as you say these words to yourself, stand straight and tall in front of your mirror with a big smile on your face and looking yourself in the eye.  Say these with as much energy and enthusiasm as you can.

You can do it, I know you can!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



Taking Action: What to Do When You’re Paralyzed with Fear


When you’re in a state of anxiety, worry, fear, panic, or terror, it’s difficult to think straight and it’s even more difficult to take any action. Our natural tendency is to want to hide or to run in the opposite direction.

But hiding or running “for the hills” will not help. It may feel good for a little while but the issue is still there, lurking, waiting to pounce the moment you peep out of where you ducked for cover.

Yesterday we talked about Life’s Ambushes and how they can terrorize us. We learned that the best thing to do in that case is to take action. (click here to be taken to that post).

But if you’re scared stiff, how the heck are you supposed to move, much less take action?!

By breaking the actions into steps and breaking those into small parts and little pieces. Then break those into tidbits; break those into jots…. Keep breaking things down into smaller and smaller increments until you get to the tiny specks that you are confident that you can do–even if those specks are as small as atoms or even electrons! Then do them–cross them off your To Do list one by one.

You might be thinking: Easy for you to say but what does that look like, exactly?

Okay, let’s say you need a new job. You easily and quickly wrote up an excellent resume, you emailed and called all your contacts, and you looked online at different job postings. The last pro-active thing on your list is to call an employment agency to speak with a recruiter. But let’s say that you had a very bad experience previously so now just the thought of calling the agency creates such distress in you that you are literally trembling.

Break down the task of making the phone call into itsy-bitsy fragments of steps.

For instance, one day you put it on your To Do list to just think in general about phones. Perhaps you find it interesting that they were invented in the late 1800’s. You may find it fascinating thinking about the amazing changes telephone technology has gone through in the 139 years of its existence.

That’s all you have to do for the day. You can cross it off your To Do list! Make sure you congratulate yourself–pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Then reward yourself: listen to your favorite music for a half hour, read for 15 minutes, watch an episode of your favorite TV program, spend a half hour with your favorite hobby.

The next day you write down that you want to think of the phones you’ve had over the years: the clunky wired ones of your childhood all the way to the sleek wrist models that recently came to market.

Once you do this, then you’re done for the day. You don’t have to think about phones or phone calls to the recruiter at all! Again, cross it off your list and then celebrate your victory!

The following day, think about your current phone, it’s color and style. Remember the feel of it–its shape and its weight in your hand. Maybe, at this point, you can push yourself a little bit and think about the last conversation you had using it, or when you talked to your friend or loved one on the phone.

When that’s done, you can cross it off the list and celebrate. You did it!

Over the next few days you take the next few bits of steps: You’ll look at the phone; another day you’ll touch the phone; after that you’ll pick up the phone and listen to the dial tone. After each task finished, you’ll cross it off your list and celebrate.

Notice that each day you have something to cross off your To Do list–this is evidence that you are making progress which builds confidence and momentum. Notice, too, that you celebrate each day what you did that day. This shows your mind that facing your fear and taking small bits of action results in making progress and that there’s a reward for dealing with scary stuff and that reward feels good and makes you happy.

This conditions you to focus on successful outcomes!

Gradually you’ll progress to dialing the agency’s phone number and actually speaking to a recruiter.

While this example may seem silly and extreme, the principles apply to how to break down your action steps into teensy-tiny specks.

Sometimes, in order to conquer fear so you can move forward, the actions you take must be itsy-bitsy.   If this is how small you have to break them down in order to move forward, it does not make you a weakling or incompetent, incapable, or silly.

Quite the contrary.

It makes you very, very brave because instead of shaking uncontrollably and staying frozen to the spot with fear, you are finding a way to move forward–in spite of your shaking and in spite of the terror.

That makes you brave.

That makes you courageous.

That makes you a hero! and Artisans Workshop Designs and Artisans Workshop Designs

Your homework is to take the next step. With your head held high, break that step into smaller and smaller pieces until you get to the tiny dots that you know you can easily accomplish. Then do them!

Then look in the mirror and see what a true hero looks like!

You can do it!

I’m so very proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,







Pep Rally: You Got It!


Here are a few thoughts to power you through the rest of the week:

You have what it takes!

Inside you are the raw materials that you need to take you to your dreams. The talents and abilities are yours already. All you have to do is to roll up your sleeves and dive into yourself. Discover all the treasures inside!

You are on Earth for a purpose!

Your incarnation here on Earth was not a mistake or a joke. It also wasn’t some random happening or some arbitrary knocking around of a bunch of chemicals. You’re here because you have something to say or do or be that is of vital importance to the world. Cherish who you are! & Artisan Workshop Designs & Artisan Workshop Designs

You are made to be successful!

The proof of this is looking at Nature. Life, abundant life, is jam-packed into every nook and cranny of the earth. Bacterial is thriving in the ice sheets in Antarctica; exotic-looking species of marine animals are thriving at the bottom of the oceans in the pitch black, under tons of pressure, and near thermal vents that spew out super-heated water and chemicals that are toxic to we humans. Life is everywhere and you are part of this relentless quest to live, to survive, to conquer, and to thrive; go for it!

You are in the right place at the right time doing the right things in the right way!

Even if it seems as if you’re off track, you really aren’t. There are gifts and benefits just for you that you couldn’t have gotten any other way or in any other place. These are essential to helping you achieve your dreams. So, dig in and find the good stuff waiting for you!

You are valuable!

Even though the world can seem quite chaotic and haphazard, there’s order to it. There’s a plan to all of existence and you are part of that plan! Listen to the Still Small Voice within you—it’s showing you the way!

You are needed right here right now!

You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t needed right where you are, right at these moments in time. The Universe is not wasteful or careless. Get busy taking the next step!

Your homework today is stand straight and tall in front of your mirror. Look at yourself right in the eyes and have a huge smile on your face. With as much enthusiasm as you can muster, say these pep statements to yourself.

Note which ones strike a chord with you. Jot those down and keep them handy throughout your day. Refer to them frequently and let their power and energy infuse you.

Then, take the next step! Break it down into smaller and smaller pieces, until you get to the tiny little parts that are just the right size for you. Then do them!

You can do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Pep Rally! You and Your Value!


~You are valuable.

Why else would you have been put on Earth?!

~Your special talents and abilities are needed in this sometimes nutty world.

The world needs to move forward just like people do. The only way the world can move forward is by you pursuing your dreams, goals, and interests. If you don’t move forward then that’s a little piece of the world that doesn’t move forward.


Better get hoppin’!   🙂

~What you have to offer the world is valuable and is needed.

Without you expressing your gifts, talents, and abilities, it’s a little cloudy and dreary in your corner of the world. The moment you begin pursuing your dreams then the sun comes out and brightens everything where you are.

You are approved!

You matter!

Your dreams matter!

You achieving your dreams matters!

You make a difference in the world!

You achieving your dreams makes a difference in the world! and Artisans Workshop Designs and Artisans Workshop Designs

Your homework today is to take the next step! Break it into small pieces, little parts, and tiny bits. Keep breaking these down until you get to smidgens and specks that are just right for you and your schedule.

Another part of your homework is to stand in front of your mirror—preferably first thing in the morning as well as right before you go to bed. Have a huge smile on your face as you gaze at your beautiful, awesome self in the mirror. With all the excitement and enthusiasm that you can muster, say the statements in this post.

Choose a few that resonate with you. Keep those handy during the day and repeat them to yourself frequently.

Have fun with this!

You can do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,