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Other People: How to “Get Over It”

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Wouldst make thy life go fair and square?
Thou must not for the past feel care;
Whatever thy loss, thou must not mourn;
Must ever act as if new-born.
What each day wants of thee, that ask;
What each day tells thee, that make thy task;
With pride thine own performance viewing,
With heart to admire another’s doing;
Above all, hate no human being,
And all the future leave to the All-Seeing.




We know we need to let go, to forgive; most of all we know we need to move on.

But how?

How do we do that when the injustice, the hurt, the humiliation, the pain, the loss is still so fresh and sharp, even though the original incident happened years ago?

The best, most effective way is to stop looking at the past and the thing that happened. Instead, look to the future.

But what if we can’t tear your focus away from the past; what if the future has no joy or hope?

The solution is to build a better image of the future, something we can look forward to. If we can’t do this then that means we’ve built up a much stronger, more compelling image of the past than we have of the future.

Focus on you. Focus on where you are headed. Focus on your dreams. If this is too much and you can’t do it, then focus on the next best step you can take in the next moment, the next hour, the next part of the day. Keep focusing on this–taking the next best step. Focus on it minute by minute.

Be relentless about this focus and you will find one day that you have dropped the heavy baggage from the past–the injustices and insults, the hurts and humiliations, the pain and pessimism.

Give it a try and let me know how it’s working out for you. You can do it!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Year End Reflections: After Holidays Blues—A Final Thought


Yesterday we were talking about those gifts that we think are klunkers and that if we look a little deeper or from a different perspective, we might find they aren’t klunkers after all.  I want to share with you a thought about gifts we give others with the intent that they enjoy the gift but we realize they think our gift is the klunker!

I happened across a message of Joel Osteen’s where he was talking about this very thing.  One particular sentence resonated so strongly with me that I was stunned when I heard it.

Joel said that once we give the gift and it leaves our hands, it’s no longer our responsibility.

He went on to say that it isn’t our duty, obligation, fault, problem, etc., how the other person receives our gift or what they do with it.  We gave with good intentions, a generous heart, and hoping to please/help the person, and that’s all that we need to do.  If they have the bad manners and ill grace to see only the surface of the gift and not the goodwill it was wrapped in, then that’s on them, not us.

So, don’t feel bad.  You did the best you could, putting thought and love into the gifts you gave.  That’s all you need to do.

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Review Your Week: Golden Wisdom: Do it the Hard Way


Today Mom said to me, “You have to do it the hard way.”

At first I thought, oh man, is Mom really telling me to go out of my way to do things the  long and difficult way?!

But as I thought more about it, I realized Mom was telling me to not procrastinate and drag my feet over projects. She also meant that I shouldn’t give things a lick and a promise or say that I’ll do it later. And forget about those shortcuts! Oftentimes they turn out to create more problems than if you just sucked it up and got it done the right way.

She was telling me to jump in now and do the projects that need doing; do it right the first time, and do it now because Later On is never a more convenient or easier time—and no shortcuts!

Thanks for the advice, Mom!

Your homework today is to Review Your Week! As you do so, keep an eye to those areas and projects where you can apply Mom’s advice: Do it now, do it right the first time, and forget about looking for shortcuts!

As always when reviewing your week, make sure you note the times you took a step, no matter how small the tidbit of a step and no matter how humble the project. The fact is you did it, you make forward progress!

WooHoo! Yay you!

Make sure you celebrate your progress. Taking even the smallest increments of forward progress will add up over time, as long as you keep doing it, keep taking steps!

You can do it!

I’m so very proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Get it Done!


The most powerful thing you can do to improve your confidence, your outlook on life, and to truly believe you can achieve your dreams is to get things done. No waiting, no dragging your feet, and no excuses: get it done.

Break steps down into small pieces and tiny bits. Choose one. Complete it. Cross it off your To Do list. Then choose another one. Complete that. Cross that one off your list, then choose another…. You get the idea: get it done!

Keep getting things done and very soon you will find that you’ve achieved your dream! Yay you!

Your homework today is to get it done. Work quickly and get it done. Cross it off your To Do list: get it done!

You can do it, I’m positive you can!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Joy Stealers


Joy Stealers: we all have them. They’re people who outright tell us we’re dumb or weird for loving our dreams and going for them—or they’re the ones telling us we’re doing it all wrong.

But the worst joy stealers, though, are the ones who are very subtle about it. They seem happy for us and that they’re supportive of our quest but, after spending time with them, somehow the starch is taken out of our sails. We’re not so hepped up about our dreams anymore and we’re beginning to question ourselves and wonder if this was ever such a good idea to begin with.

Let me set the record straight: we all have what it takes to achieve our dreams! As long as we’re persistently and consistently taking steps toward our dreams, we will get there!

Your homework today has several parts. First, put aside time where you can think and plan. Consider the people in your life and note the ones who are joy stealers—the obvious ones as well as those more subtle. If you can’t move these people out of your life, then limit your contact with them. You can do this through not spending time with them, of course, but also, when you are with them, directing the conversation and just not giving them an opportunity to offer their version of “friendly advice”.

Secondly, plan your week ahead. Be realistic about what you can accomplish—remember that small regular advances are better than an occasional leap!

The last part of your homework is to celebrate! Feel good about the progress you’ve made, the insights you’ve had this week. WooHoo! Yay you!

You’re awesome! I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,




You have what it takes to achieve your dreams. Keep taking steps, keep moving forward bit by bit. You’ll get there; I know you will!

You were made for this! You were created intentionally, including the Small Still Voice and Vision inside you that was tuned to you specifically. You and your dream have been tailor made for each other!

You are in the right place at the right time doing the right things in the right way. Take the next step!

Your destiny cannot be stopped as long as you keep taking steps toward it. No one and no thing is more powerful than you. As long as you keep taking regular measured action toward your dreams, you cannot be stopped.

Expect success! It’s guaranteed as long as you keep taking steps toward your dreams and your destiny.

You are the right gender, the right size and shape, the right age. Innately, you have the right abilities, the right smarts, and the right strengths. You are just right, just the way you are. You can achieve your dreams—keep moving forward!

Copyright 2014 Artisans Workshop Designs
Copyright 2014 Artisans Workshop Designs

Your homework today is to stand in front of your mirror and with a big smile and a lot of enthusiasm, say these statements to yourself. If you feel more comfortable putting them into your own words, then feel free to do so.

The second part of your homework is to take the next step! Break it into small pieces and tiny bits and move forward.

You can do it! You have what it takes

I’m so proud of you

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



It’s a Beautiful Day!


It’s a beautiful day today! Get out there and enjoy it!

As you’re working toward your goals and dreams, one very important step is to regularly take time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. It’s a way to press the reset button when you’re feeling overwhelmed, harried, frustrated, discombobulated, discouraged, and other agitation-causing feelings and emotions.

It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny with spring-like weather or if the weather is an arctic cold front or if it’s something in between. Each type of weather and day has its own beauty and a gift to give you.

Your homework is to take the next step, which is enjoying this beautiful day. If it’s inclement weather you can play games with your friends and family or you can snuggle up with a good book. Also, you can make a big bowl of popcorn and settle down to a movie marathon of your favorite films.

On a nice day you can get outside and play catch or Frisbee; you can take a nature walk by yourself or with friends and family. You can also sit under a tree or beside a stream and enjoy a good book. And don’t forget about enjoying a meal at an outdoor café with friends and family!

So take the next step of enjoying this beautiful day!

You can do this, especially because this is easy and fun!

Share in the comments section some of your favorite ways to enjoy the day.

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,