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The Right Stuff

We humans are an imaginative, industrious, inventive, ingenious lot.  Wherever there has been lack, limitation, hardship, blocks, challenges, and the like, humans have rolled up their sleeves and gotten to work figuring it out—figuring a way over, under, around, through.

And we humans have succeeded.

We’ve met and surpassed all the times when it seemed that there was absolutely-no-way-on-this-green-earth-that-there-is-a-solution-to-this-problem.  And all the times when the experts said “This problem is just too big and too knotty.  We’re going down!”  Someone somewhere wasn’t satisfied with that answer, wasn’t convinced it was true.  And, sure enough, eventually someone figured it out.

You are made of this same strong, never-say-die stock because you are the culmination of all that have gone before you.

You have the blood of a long line of victors and champions running through your veins.  Coded into your DNA are all the accomplishments, all the successes, and all the magnificent feats of your predecessors—not only of your family but of the whole human race.

You, too, can meet your challenges and you, too, can figure it out.

Just as I have faith in my fellow human beings and I believe we’ll figure it out, I also have faith in you; I believe you, too, will figure it out.  I know that whatever it is that you need to figure out, you’ll do it.  I believe it; I know it!

Your homework today is to go for it!  Get busy!  Take that next step!  Break it into small, microscopic pieces if you need to—just take the next step!

You can do it, I know you can.  I believe in you!

In the comments section, post your victories today—we want to celebrate with you!  Remember: no accomplishment is too small to be applauded.

I’m so very proud of you!

Your Friend,