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Morning Routines: Back by Popular Demand: Get Up When Your Alarm First Rings


This post was originally published on May 7, 2017.


I was listening to James Allen’s Byways to Blessedness, a Librivox recording.  The first section of the book talks about beginnings.

James Allen states that there are beginnings we have no control over, for instance we may have been laid off from work and now we’re facing the beginning of unemployment and the process of looking for a new job.  He advises to not focus on these beginnings, aside from taking care of our responsibilities, but rather to focus on the beginnings we have total and complete control over.  He says that these types of beginnings are of vital importance because they create the complex web of results that then make up our life.  He went on to say that these beginnings are controlled by our thoughts and mental attitudes, and the resulting daily conduct and actions we take.

According to James Allen, the first beginning to focus on—the easiest one to take control of—is the start of a new day, namely when your alarm clock first rings. He suggests answering these questions because “…much happiness or unhappiness depends upon the right or wrong beginning of the day…”:


~At what time does the alarm go off?

~Do we immediately get up?

~In what frame of mind do we enter the sacredness of a new day?

~How do we go about getting ready for the day?


One of his suggestions is to rise at an early hour, even if we don’t have to because this will help “…start the day strongly by shaking off indolence.”

Then this statement jumped out at me: “…How are you to develop strength of will in mind and body if you begin every day by yielding to weakness?”

He’s telling us to stop hitting the snooze button and to get up when our alarm first goes off. 

I get his point that by hitting the snooze alarm, we aren’t really getting a few extra Zzzz’s—in fact researchers have shown that hitting the snooze alarm does not help; the “extra sleep” you get is not restful.  James Allen is saying that when we hit the snooze alarm what we’re actually doing is telling our mind and body that it’s okay to procrastinate, it’s okay to indulge ourselves, it’s okay to go for instant gratification.

James Allen goes on to say:  “Self-indulgence is always followed by unhappiness.  People who lie abed until a late hour are never bright and cheerful and fresh but are the prey of irritabilities, depressions…and all unhappy moods.”

He then goes on to say that hitting the snooze alarm is like an alcoholic taking a nip in order to brace him/herself and steady his/her nerves for the upcoming issues in the day.

It’s our self-indulgence in hitting the snooze alarm that creates indolence and avoidance that is creating the issues–it’s our weaknesses and our pandering to our moods and emotions that are at the root cause of the issues that we’re avoiding!

James Allen adds:  :…Men and women are totally unaware of the great losses which they entail by this common indolence (hitting the snooze alarm):  loss of strength of both mind and body, loss of prosperity, loss of knowledge, and loss of happiness.

James Allen isn’t the only one who urges getting up early and getting up right away.  Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy, Wayne Dyer and other successful people join him in this.  One of James Allen suggestions for this “extra time” is to take a gentle walk in Nature.  Earl Nightingale, Brian Tracy, Wayne Dyer, and others advise filling the time with studying sacred and/or inspirational writings, studying the industry in which we work, and pursuing other avenues of self-development and education.


Usually I get up the first time the alarm rings.  Occasionally, though, I’ve let myself sleep a little later, commonly on the weekends.  I have noticed that James Allen’s statement is true:  I seem to be a little less focused and less productive on the days I allow myself to catch up on my sleep.  In fact, I had been wondering if it wouldn’t be better to get up at my normal time and take a short nap during the day if I need it.  I guess James Allen’s answer would be YES!!!

This week’s challenge is to get up on time—when the alarm first rings. Let me know the differences you notice in your week. Feel free to leave your comments below. Thanks!

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Morning Routines: Building Block #4


Building Block #4 of a solid morning routine is taking care of your body. Think about this building block as having fun with movement rather than thinking about struggling with exercise. And think about taking care of your body by eating delicious food rather than thinking about the yucky diet food you think you should eat.

Sometimes in our minds exercise can be daunting and hard and no fun at all. Movement, on the other hand, can be dancing to your favorite music or taking a walk through your neighborhood and admiring others’ gardens.   These activities can be interesting and enjoyable. No need to spend hours on end sweating at the gym!

When we think about nutrition our minds imagine small portions of food that isn’t very filling and that isn’t too tasty either. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Fresh fruit and vegetables are jam-packed full of vitamins and minerals. They’re quick and easy to prepare, making them an ideal grab-and-go food–much better than a donut or pastry. No need to spend hours slaving over a hot stove!

What are some fun activities you can do in the morning to get your body moving? What are your favorite fruits and vegetables?

You’re awesome!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Morning Routines: Building Block #3


Yesterday we talked about building block #2, which is taking time to learn more about an area of interest that is important to you. This can be totally unrelated to how you earn your living.

Building block #3 can go along with this because this one’s all about choosing one or two things you can do today to take you closer to a goal that’s important to you. Not a goal that’s important to your boss or your spouse or kids, but rather a goal that is very important to you.

An example to illustrate how building block #2 and building block #3 can fit nicely together is from my own life. My area of interest is writing and I read books, study other’s writing techniques, take online classes in writing, and I’m a member of a writing group. Currently, each morning I take 15 minutes to work on a lesson from the online writing class I’m taking. This is building block #2.

The goal I have that is important to me is to put together an anthology of my short stories, so each morning I write for 15 minutes, working on a story. This is building block #3.   See how building block #2 and building block #3 can fit together?   It isn’t essential that they fit but I wanted you to know that they can.

Is there a way that you can fit together building block #2 and building block #3? Think about it and see what you can do.

You’re awesome!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Change: Your Fears,_%22CHANGE%22.jpg


Fear is part of being human, whether we like it or not, because our fears are triggered by change.   Our modern life is full of changes–fast-paced changes.

It’s natural and normal to feel fear; here are a few important questions to ask ourselves about our fears:

What are we going to do with our fears when we bump up against them?

~Will we choose to stop in our tracks?

~Will we choose to live a small life that’s less than what we know we were born to live? 


Will we choose to use our fears as tools to help us move forward? Will we use them as guides to:

~Show us when to slow down;

~Where to pay close attention;

~Reach out for help and guidance from more experienced people.


This week, let’s challenge ourselves to put a positive spin on our fears by thinking of them as guides and tools to move us into our soul-prospering life.

WE can do it!

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Your Friend and Pep Pal,



Back by Popular Demand: Time Marches on


This post was originally published on June 24, 2015. Keep reading below for the updated version. Thanks!


Time will pass no matter what you do or don’t do.

Whether you go for your dreams or not, time will keep on marching. Whether you live the life of your dreams or not, time will keep moving forward. Whether you are ready or not, time will NOT pause and it will NOT wait for you.

Since time does not wait, you shouldn’t either.

Keep pace with time by being relentless in taking the next step or part of a step. It doesn’t matter how small the increment, all that matters is that you take it; you move forward bit by bit.

Don’t worry about being ready or having all your ducks in a row; don’t worry about taking leaps and bounds. You just need to continually take small actions on tasks and projects that will move you closer to living your soul-prospering life.

Ask yourself: Will doing this task or spending my time this way move me closer to or farther from my soul-prospering life? If you answer “Yes!” then by all means keep doing what you’re doing. If the answer is “No!” then do something else that will give you a “Yes!” answer!

You can do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



Back by Popular Demand: What Are You Waiting For?


This post was originally published on September 25, 2015.   It’s just as relevant today as it was nearly three years ago.

I hope this post inspires you to take the next baby step toward your dreams!



Why are you waiting to take the next step?

There will never be a perfect time.  You will never be fully prepared.  You will never have all the answers.

Your product or service is good enough right now. Get it out there so that it can help people! You can tweak it and improve it as time goes on.

Go for it right now!

Challenge yourself this week to take a small baby step each day toward your soul-prospering life. I know it’s daunting, intimidating, scary, overwhelming, and many other adjectives. But don’t let that stop you! There is information out there that can help you and there are people who are very generous with their time and knowledge and who are eager share what they know.

Take the next step!

Break it into small pieces and little parts. Break those into tiny bits. Keep breaking the fragments into smaller and smaller dabs until you get to the specks that are just the right size for you. Then do them!

You can do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



Easy Street: Happy Colgate Day!

Photo Credit: Colgate University


Today is Friday the 13th and, as I’ve written in previous posts, today is also known as Colgate Day.  Colgate Alums, students, and others associated with the university, consider all Friday the 13ths to be their good luck days.  It has to do with the lore surrounding the university’s founding.

The point, though, is that you don’t have to succumb to conventional wisdom regarding your dreams or what you consider to be a soul-prospering life.  What one person—or even groups of people—see as a bad thing can actually be your good thing!

Take a page out of Colgate University’s playbook and don’t let anyone talk you out of your dreams, your Vision, and—most especially—your soul-prospering life.

You can do it!

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Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Easy Street: What it Truly Is


This is going to sound hokey but the easiest way to find and stay on Easy Street is to feel very lucky to be you and to be living your life.

You do this by following your curiosity and those things that interest you. Combine this with appreciation and gratitude and these are what make the solid foundation of your soul-prospering life.

What are you curious about?   What are the things that capture your attention? What do you do to bring these into your every day life? Do this daily and you’re well on your way to crafting your soul-prospering life!

You can do it!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


Easy Street: Seek this Instead


We all want to be on Easy Street.

We want to be able to kick back, put our feet up, and take it easy in life. It’s the feelings of contentment and satisfaction that are at the core of our dreams of Easy Street. While it’s well and good to take time to acknowledge and enjoy our achievements, studies have shown that this won’t give us the lasting happiness and fulfillment we’re after.

The key to crafting a soul-prospering life is to not rest on our laurels, but rather to continually challenge ourselves and test our limits.

This article I found on the Internet sums it up nicely;


In the comments below, let me know what you think of the article and the authors thoughts about Easy Street. Thanks!

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Easy Street: Steve Harvey’s Take on It

Copyright 2016 Artisans Workshop Designs


I read a very interesting book by Steve Harvey called Jump. It’s his newest book. In it he spoke candidly of his journey to becoming a famous TV personality.

Of course he talks about his struggles and sacrifices as he’s paying his dues, so to speak. When he was just starting out, he took jobs that weren’t quite the right fit for him but these were necessary in order for him to discover what he truly wanted to do. When he finally had the nerve to follow his dreams, naturally he had heartbreaks and detractors.

The most interesting thing is that he also had heartbreaks and detractors even when he made it big and became a household name!

Consider this:

~Steve Harvey made millions but then, due to poor decisions by one of his managers, Steve discovered he owed the IRS millions of dollars!

~He is experienced and good at hosting different types of shows but he also made a now famous blunder at the Miss America Pageant.


So if you find that as you’re living more and more of your soul-prospering life but you’re still experiencing setbacks and still making mistakes, you are in good company!   Every person we think of as successful is experiencing the same thing!

Don’t lose hope; don’t quit! Keep going!

In the meantime, get the book–most libraries have it or can order it through interlibrary loan.   Read it and let me know what you think.   Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,