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copyright LMC Images
copyright LMC Images

Thank you for  following Daily Pep Talks.

All the Daily Pep Talks are my own original work and are protected under Copyright Law. When necessary, I make every effort to comply with Fair Use Laws and correctly attribute quotes and the like.

Please respect the copyright integrity of my work.

If one of my posts strikes a chord with you and you’d like to tell your friends about it, I am happy to work with you–I’m glad you found it helpful and I’m happy you want to share it with your friends and family! Please do this in a manner that retains proper credit and attribution for the post—that it’s owned by Daily Pep Talks.

If you would like to do something more, such as quote from a post or to use one as a basis for one of your posts on your blog, please let me know using the contact form below.

Again, thank you for following Daily Pep Talks.

Most importantly, though, take the next step on the path to your dreams!  You can do it—go you!

I’m very proud of you!

Your Friend,


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