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30 Days of Gratitude to Finish 2020: Day 31


Happy Last Day of 2020!

Today is also the last day of this series of 3 Gratitudes.  I hope, though, that you continue each day to think of at least 3 things you’re grateful for.  Scientists have proven the immense physiological and psychological benefits of gratefulness and, of course, for centuries spiritual leaders have been telling us that being grateful is the right way to live life.

In keeping with my challenge this week, these are 3 gratitudes related to difficulties:

The difficulty:  Yesterday we discovered another setback knotted up in the mess of our beloved family member’s finances.  After a year of digging through the muck and mire, it’s very, very discouraging to still be finding surprises.

  • I am grateful I have a team of family members standing strong and helping me to stand strong during this continuing discovery and working-through-to-solutions process;
  • I am grateful for these heartbreaking difficulties because they’re teaching me that it’s possible to take the next tiny step, in spite of my overwhelming desire to run far, far away;
  • I am grateful that I’ve learned to lob myself softballs when looking for the tiny next step to take—find the little bit of action I can take that’s well within my capabilities, that’s easy for me to do.
  • Bonus gratitude:  I am grateful for the deeper compassion I have developed through this process of caring for my loved one.  I am much more attuned and sensitive to people who are vulnerable.  I do what I can to help and protect them, including supporting agencies, organizations, and individuals who are also watching out for and protecting people who are very vulnerable.

Feel free to share in the comments below the difficulties for which you are grateful.  Thank you!

If you think these posts will benefit loved ones, friends, and others you know, please feel free to share them!  Thank you!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I’m excited for the Big Adventure awaiting us in 2021!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


30 Days of Gratitude to Finish 2020: Day 30


These are 3 difficulties that I’m grateful for:

  • I am grateful I was furloughed from my job.  A company graciously made room for me as my original company gets back on its feet.
  • I am grateful to be temporarily at this new company—even though it’s only temporary==because the  new company has a wonderful attitude toward its employees;
  • I am grateful for the department I’m in and the team members I’m working with because they are welcoming, helpful, and supportive.
  • I am so grateful that everything is working out—and I trust that everything will continue to work out well.

Feel free to share in the comments below the difficulties for which you are grateful.  Thank you!

Please share this post with your friends and loved ones.  Thank you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


30 Days of Gratitude to Finish 2020: Day 29



As I was driving to work this morning, I was thinking about this month of 30 Days of Gratitude.  I realized that the vast majority of my gratitudes were all things that brought me joy and made me feel good in some way—peaceful, content, confident, valued…. 

Then I thought about the “bad” stuff—the obstacles, difficulties, and heartbreaks.  I don’t think many of those—if any!—made it to my gratitude list…yet. 

Okay.  I’m going to challenge myself for the rest of this week—the remainder of 2020—to think about the difficulties and heartbreaks and other “bad” stuff that happened this year.  I’ll view it from the lens of how each one of those events may have benefitted me—and then be grateful for that benefit. 

Would you like to join me?

Here goes!  These are my 3 gratitudes for today–difficulties that I’m grateful for:

  • I am grateful to have taken over the care of a beloved family member.  It’s been a very difficult journey getting everything straightened out, but I’m grateful because now I know for sure our beloved relative is getting the care, the supplies, and the services that she needs.  That all of her needs—including her financial affairs—are being handled with love and compassion;


  • I’m grateful that my family has come together to support me in taking care of our beloved family member.  They have devoted countless hours of hard work in untangling the financial mess, thinking through the home maintenance issues with me and coming up with creative cost-effective fixes, and supporting me as I’ve dealt with attorneys, accountants, and other professionals;


  • I’m very grateful for the lessons learned from this whole experience:  family really does come together in a time of trouble; there are professionals who will stand beside you and fight for what’s right for your loved one; many times my heart broke but that breaking made my heart able to be more compassionate and hold more loving kindness; I don’t have to “do it all”—others will help; I don’t have to have everything figured out and have answers for every possible permutation of a problem, I can let it unfold as it will and handle the issues as they come up; I can let go and step back and let others step forward and shine as they unleash their talents and expertise.


As much as we may want to stomp our foot and cry “Unfair!” when “bad stuff’ happens, we also have to admit that there is usually a silver lining.  Are there difficulties you experienced this year that now in looking back you have come to recognize the gift they gave you?  Feel free to share your gratitudes in the comments below.  Thank you!

Please share this post with your friends and loved ones.  Thank you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,