Thank you for following Yes I Can Pep Talks.  I appreciate it!

Why I started this blog:

I am fervently committed to crafting a deeply meaningful, soul-prospering life and this is exactly what I want for you.

As you travel the path to your goals and dreams, if you need encouragement, inspiration, motivation, someone to believe in you, someone to cheer you on, then Yes I Can Pep Talks is the place for you.

Over the years, I have observed that most people know what they want to do in life.  They can hear their personal Small Still Voice just fine, thank you very much!  They don’t need another quiz, questionnaire, or someone else’s opinions about what they should do.  They already know it.

All that most people need is a boost, someone to help them keep moving forward, and a helping hand to pull them up and brush them off when they stumble.  I’ve also found that some people need permission to follow their dreams and others need someone to believe in them.

How I can help you:

My knowledge comes from my own heartbreaks and triumphs as well as my experiences of helping loved ones and friends through their rough patches.

I’m also a people-watcher.  I keenly observe how others get through their struggles, noting the techniques and strategies that were successful and paying close attention to the ones that were disastrous.

In addition to my first-hand experiences and observations, I am a ravenous learner.  I attend seminars, workshops, and lectures that are given online as well as in person.  Additionally, I am a huge fan of reading; I’m a fixture at my local library–the staff knows me by name.  In fact, I’ve had other patrons presume I work there and have asked me to help them find materials!

What’s more is I can often be found poking around on the Internet looking for more information on questions I or others have come up with or just following subjects that have captured my fancy.  It’s amazing the wealth of solid, practical, and tested information that’s available from experts as well as people’s experiences!

In each day’s post I share with you not only the truths I’ve figured out–and use–for myself but also I show you what other thought leaders are doing.

From all of this, I’m unshakably convinced that you DO have what it takes to achieve your dreams.  I believe in you.  You can do it, I’m sure of it!


About me:

As a cheerleader (former) and mother, I’ve encouraged and cheered on numerous people over the years.  I enjoy inspiring others to achieve their goals and live the life of their dreams. This blog is a natural extension of this, and a way for me to reach beyond my family and circle of friends.

Again, thank you for joining me.  I know these posts will inspire you to craft a deeply meaningful, soul-prospering life for yourself!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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Crafting a soul-prospering life.

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