Golden Wisdom: Peek Ahead



I was reminded of an annual childhood summertime project I would complete with my mother when I recently chatted with a friend who was making a list of potential mother-daughter projects for this upcoming summer.

Mom was an excellent seamstress and every summer we would choose a sewing project to work on together. One summer Mom helped me make an apron for each of my grandmothers. Other years we would make a skirt or pants or blouse or dress. One year when I was in high school, we made a pants suit, complete with a blazer.

Once we selected the pattern and fabric, we’d spread the cloth on a folding table that Mom used for her projects. We’d follow the pattern and cut out the fabric and then we’d pin the cut pieces together. The pins not only held together the pieces but also, where the pin entered the fabric, created the sewing line I was to follow using the sewing machine.

As I sewed, Mom would remind me to look a few pins ahead rather than at the one right in front of the presser foot. Looking ahead helped me see what was coming up so that I could make small, graceful adjustments—instead of big clumsy ones—so that the seams would be smooth and professional-looking.

This cherished memory got me to thinking….

While it’s important to focus on the step I’m taking and the one coming right after, it’s also helpful to at least glance at the step or two beyond that. Doing so will help me make adjustments in a timely manner rather than having things come at me from seemingly out of the blue. And, with advanced notice, I’m more apt to be calm while tweaking things rather than flying by the seat of my pants in a panic!

Your homework is to take a peek ahead on the pathway to your dreams. Are there small changes you can do now that will make those steps easier to take when you get to them? Make the tweaks then take the step!

You can do it!

I’m so proud of you!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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