Memorials and Remembrances Let’s Celebrate the Good Stuff



As we’ve seen this week, there are so many people both known and unknown that have helped us along our path.  And there are Forces Beyond Us that also step in and lend a hand.  Let’s take time today to celebrate these people and Foces.

In looking over my week of Memorials and Remembrances, here’s what I’m celebrating:


Celebrating the fact that even though I’ve suffered a setback, there are glimmers of hope as well as pockets of good stuff happening;

Celebrate the fact that I’m not totally alone with no one to turn to. During this ordeal my loved ones have been compassionate and helpful;

Celebrate the fact that things aren’t worse than they are–I am not totally out of options;

Celebrate the fact that The Universe stepped in and protected me from physical harm.   ‘Nuff said about this one!

Celebrating the fact that taking things step-by-step really does work because it helps to manage stressful situations;

Celebrating the fact that the sun was out today after several days of rainy weather;

Celebrating the first fresh salad of the season made with ingredients straight from a farm;

Celebrating waking up to the birds singing–WooHoo for the birds!


I could go on. What are you celebrating today? Feel free to share in the comments below. Thanks!

Your Friend and Pep Pal,



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