Trust: Your Vision


You must trust your Vision, that which the Still Small Voice counsels you about and that which your heart and soul are urging you to do. It is your Mission and your Destiny to do this.

Stop and take a moment to think about this question: Why do I have this Vision?

If you think the Universe is hostile, then you may answer the question with something such as you think it’s the Universe’s way of getting a laugh or that somebody needs to be punished and the Universe has decided it’s you.

If you think the Universe is friendly, then you may answer the question with something such as: you were given the Vision because with your unique gifts, talents, and abilities, you are the one best suited, in fact the only one, to bring this particular facet of Goodness into the world. You may think that although it’s a big job, you and the Universe are in partnership and together you’ll get ‘er done!

You can see how your beliefs about the Universe and what It thinks of you can have a deep and profound affect on your life. If you haven’t already started delving into your thoughts and feelings to get to the core presumptions about the Universe, as you were urged to do in yesterday’s post, please do so now! This is important stuff!

Take time today to think about the question ‘why do I have this Vision’ and listen and feel carefully to your answer. Tomorrow we’ll delve a little deeper into this so remember to check back!

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