Decisions: Fresh Air



Fresh air: we know it’s one of the essentials we need for optimum health, fitness, and wholeness.

We also need fresh air in our mind, emotions, and soul. This gives us room to breathe and to gather our thoughts.  It’s a way of pressing the mental, emotional, and spiritual reset button.


Some of my favorite ways of doing this are:

~listening to uplifting music

~reading inspiring passages from sacred writings

~relaxing with friends and family

~hiking up to a spot that overlooks a nearby lake and savoring the view


~contemplating and ruminating on the meaning of life


There are many other ways, in fact I am quite sure that you’ve thought of your own favorite ways to infuse your mental, emotional, and spiritual self with fresh air!

Let me know your favorite ways–share in the comments below!


Your Friend and Pep Pal,


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